KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender

I was shipped the incorrect model, still waiting to see how woot will handle. I was sent model KHB2352CU, which is only a 3 speed blender that does not come with as many attachments. Woot clearly lists this item as model KHB2561, a 5 speed blender with more attachments than the 3 speed model. Bait and switch???

Definitely not. I see customer service is taking care of you.

Taking care of me? All they are doing is have me return the incorrect item. How do I get the item I ordered? Wondering how many people were shipped the incorrect model and didn’t even realize???

We researched it and unfortunately, we were given the wrong specs for the sale. We do not have the item to replace it. We’re emailing customers to let them know.