KitchenAid 6 Piece Kitchen Gadget Set

Who has a red kitchen?

I’m not really asking you. Don’t tell me your kitchen is red.

Everyone buy three for father’s day.

A great grater for grads!

Marital aids! Sweet

Ross has a better deal on kitchen stuff!


No garlic press, no buy!

not bad.

I know ONE person with red accessories in her kitchen…

I did see a Ferrari kitchen, it was red and pretty cool.

… Mine is white. Totally wish this set was white.

im not spending $22 on kitchen stuff…

It might be nice to have matching stuff, but since I’ve already got all of these, this would just be a waste.

Have these. Incredibly easy to clean, even the cheese grater. We paid $25 at Target.

This is a great price. The can opener alone runs $15 and the ice cream scoop $10. I have both and have had them for years and they still work great!

Red kitchen here. Matching Empire Red small appliances. This set is definitely worth it just for the curved spatula, which matches the exact angle of the Kitchen-Aid stand mixer bowls. It’s the only thing that can easily clean said bowl.

I can also vouch for the can opener and peeler, both great.

I have a red kitchen. Red kitchenaid mixer too. Anniversary edition in candy apple red. I think it looks fun. I want to have fun while I cook.

This doesn’t seem like a very good deal to me…

Wish I would have stayed up, cause yes my kitchen is red… Go Huskers! (that makes it sound tacky, but really it isn’t)

Dear Woot Gods,

Since I never get lucky enough to score the B…O…C… could you please offer this set of kitchen gadgets again, please? I would be a happy lady,


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