KitchenAid 6 Qt. Lift Stand Mixer

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KitchenAid 6 Qt. Lift Stand Mixer
Price: $329.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Apr 09 to Monday, Apr 14) + transit
Condition: New


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Great reviews on the Product Page

Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at and perfect reviews over at The O

That’s really really ridiculously cheap!

I have one of these! I got it for a little cheaper on a black Friday Kohl’s deal. I really love it though. The stand mixer with a bowl lift may not seem as convenient, but it actual holds up more in the long run. After having it for over a year I have found so many uses for it. This is a great price too. If I was in a better financial situation I’d get one for my mom. :slight_smile:

As with all things, the devil is in the details.

Are these the Kitchenaid mixers that get sold to Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma, et al or the mixers that get sold to Wal-Mart and the like? It’s an important question, because the ones KA sells to places like Wal-Mart (which carry the same model number) use plastic internal gears and pot metal, whereas the ones sold from places like WS use metal gears and true steel guts.

Edit: Appears as though the description had an update to include “Direct Drive Transmission, All-Steel Gears, and All-Metal Construction”, which answers that question.

Carry on, this is the good one and not the stripped down version sold to discount retailers. The only word of caution I’ll state from here on this particular device is that it appears to use the weaker 575 watt motor (the old “good” version had more wattage). With a motor of that strength, I would not recommend this if you plan on kneading dough for more than 5-8 minutes, nor would I recommend using the grain mill attachment at all on this one, as it will strain the motor.

The KitchenAid Website
offers refurbs of this model{Note you have to click on the model on the page – it won’t let me link the direct page} for the same price – $329. They do have many more colors.
I think the ones here on Woot are new ?
It doesn’t say refurb, so thinking they are new. It’s just that Woot is known for refurb deals, so always good to double check that.

Anyways. I was checking their site to see about rebates they often offer. None. BUT they do have a Free Ship code as their current special promo. Will Woot honor that ? If there was a rebate, you could send it in so… Hey never hurts to ask, eh?

Just an FYI-- the bowl lift models are a few inches taller than the tilt head models. The bowl-lift models may not fit on a countertop under a cabinet so measure first.

My husband got this for me the last time it was offered on Woot, which I think was during a Woot Off.

It came in like two days, which is super fast.

The mixer itself, I love, I so love this thing. I’ve only used it to basically knead bread and it’s awesome. Never had bread come out as good before.

It is really heavy and sits ontop my counter with a place mat under it so I can slide it out when I need to use it. I got the Pearl Metallic color and the picture does not do the color justice because it is just sooooo very pretty. I think perhaps I love the mixer more than the person who brought it for me.

There is a rebate for this mixer for a free ice mixer bowl and attachment. It isn’t on the kitchenaid website for some reason but I found mention of it on another website.
Here is the link for the rebate

what is the model number of these stand mixers?
Do they come with the 9 or 11 wire whisk? In some pictures it seems there are some with the 9 wire and some with the 11 wire.

I see all these messages about don’t buy it if it has the lesser motor. I own this mixer and have had it for well over 15 years, I rarely use it, I am a single male who just loves buying things because they are a great bargain. I picked mine up when a local dept store went belly up. It was a refurb and priced at $119.00, and even back then the new price was $4-500.00 new. It is stamped on the decorative stainless ring that circles the gear head 325 watts max.

While I no longer have the box after all these years I do remember it saying that it was all steel gears, yadda yadda. I have done triple batches of cookies etc in it and it just churned away not even breathing hard or slowing down a bit. To be honest it sits for years without getting used, then I do a spring clean and polish it up just to have it sit and collect dust yet again. I am not a sweets fan.

Even a little as I have used this I can’t imagine needing a 600 watt motor on this. I do remember thinking on one of the times that I was loading it up that “I sure wouldn’t want to get my hand caught in here”. And I am not skittish either, I am a journeyman machinist so machinery does not intimidate me.


I had experience with the gear problem KitchenAid had about 10 years ago. I purchased this mixer for my wife right after KitchenAid fixed the problem and I did a lot of research on it at the time. Here is a condensed version of what I found out…

No, it was never a problem with the gears, but rather a change in the internal gearbox cover from metal to plastic (to save $$$) that brought what appeared to be another problem to light. When under load, the gears inside the transmission tend to rise along the main shaft (which is expected). They were held onto the shaft with a clip, but if the clip went missing, the gears put pressure on the underside of the gearbox cover. When the cover was changed to plastic it could no longer support the pressure stress from this and would crack, allowing the gears to lose contact and strip.

The older all-metal covers could take the stress, but the newer plastic ones failed with the results I’ve mentioned. After a short while and a lot of complaints, KitchenAid went back to using an all-metal internal gearbox cover and ensuring the clip on the end of the shaft was not missing.

Apparently, changing to the plastic internal gearbox cover would not have made one bit of difference if the clip on the end of the main shaft remained in place (it had either popped off or not originally been installed). But if/when the clip did go AWOL the new cover failed and the gears stripped. What I believe is that the stripping gears were only a SYMPTOM/RESULT of the real problem, but not the initial problem itself.

FYI, there is one gear that IS plastic that is SUPPOSED to strip if the mixer gets jammed. This prevents damage to the motor (and is cheaper to replace).

As to KitchenAid providing a cheaper unit to discount stores like Wally World, etc. than to other retailers, I cannot speak to that other than to say they have only one set of part numbers for their internal components listed on several repair websites. If they did offer two differing units with the same model number then they should also have two differing lists of part numbers for replacement parts depending on which version you were buying replacement parts for.

One last item - while this bowl-lift model may be a little taller than the traditional tilt-head models, the tilt-head models still need more height when you go to tilt up the head. If the bowl-lift version fits under your cabinets then you won’t need any additional height when you go to use it. If the tilt-head model fits snugly under your cabinets, then you will have to move it out to use it because you will need the extra height.

Hope this helps at least a little.

i’ve had this mixer for several years (bought through amazon). worth every penny. use it for everything from bread dough to whipped cream.

That’s a great price. I don’t know how anyone can consider themselves a serious home cook or baker and not own a Kitchenaid mixer.

I’m sorely tempted, but my 30 year old ProLine 5qt lift, which has turned out countless batches of bread dough and is heavily used, is still running like new!

That says only valid for purchases from an “authorized KitchenAid retailer”, then lists exclusions, but I’m going to call on Monday (they’re closed now) and see if they’ll honor the rebate for a purchase from Woot. I’m buying this anyway, because I’ve been demanding far too much from my sad little 4.5qt for years and I’ve wanted to upgrade, so I can’t resist this price!
Thanks for sharing the rebate- I make my own ice cream with a Cuisinart, but a second (free) bowl would get put to good use around here!

These are new and unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to offer free shipping to match KitchenAid, sorry.

I JUST BLEW UP my Kitchen-Aid! Timing = perfect.

I make bread. A lot. I also have a Bosch mixer, but the KA is way better for small batch stuff, and stuff that needs slow speed mixing like delicate cookie doughs. Even on low the Bosch is balls out.

So I am in for one.

I’ll try to explain it to the Hubs later.

For new this is a pretty good price. I consider $250 a very good price for a refurb model so this isn’t bad at all for new.

Incidentally, I just recently bought this same model but with the premium all copper finish (Williams Sonoma unique SKU) but refurbed for $300 on Ebay. However I don’t get the pouring shield which costs about $25 so there’s your price difference right there. But I had to jump at the price for the premium copper finish which usually goes for $900 at retail (there was also the all nickel one available as well).

BTW, this line definitely has the all metal gears (aka metal gearbox cover). Next step up is the semi-professional 7-quart for a lot more money (it is that much better but way overkill for 98% of home bakers).

I wish they would come out with more accessories. I’d love a dedicated slow juicer with auger.