KitchenAid Cookware Set - 2 Styles

And yet again, a useless post with the searches…

Looks like a an okay deal if you get the Andonized set.

Stainless Steel 10-pc:

Andonized 12-pc:

Shipping is killer though on the Andonized with that seller, free for the SS. IMHO, it’s only worth it for the Andonized. I suppose it’s just personal preference.

I purchased some KitchenAid cookware from Woot about 6 months ago and am very happy with it. It cleans up real well, heats evenly, lids fit perfectly, no complaints. If you’re on the fence, go for it, you won’t regret the purchase.

Usually, it’s easier to simply pull the ASIN (under Product Details on the product’s Amazon page; also in the item’s Amazon URL, starts with a B usually; here B000IH0WXK for the SS) and do a search for it on

Even out of stock items, if it was sold, will show up in the price history. The lowest the SS set has been on Amazon, sold by Amazon, appears to be 99.99 around Thanksgiving of last year. The second lowest was around $128-129. Usual price was around $150 as your shopping guide references.

Still a good deal.

That sounds like a pretty awesome deal! What brand?

I’d stick with stainless, it won’t wear out and put off toxic chemicals to your food, unless you like that sorta thing.

I just bought a house with an induction range and haven’t moved in to try it out yet. From what I read, aluminum and copper do not work well with induction. But, the specs say it will work with induction ranges. Does it work because the aluminum and copper are sandwiched in between the steel? Anyone use these with an induction range successfully? Thanks for the help!

You should always use stainless. They exclusively use stainless in most of the kitchens where you eat out. Nonstick are for the lazy who dont care what the coating they are slowly eating will do to them. I’ve been cooking for myself for 20+ years and just recently figured out how to have “nonstick” with stainless. It took just 5 minutes of research online to figure out the secret. First get the pan hot. Not too hot. It takes some trial and error to figure out what the hot enough point will be on your range without burning your oil. Mine is one number below the middle setting. This will also change depending on the oil’s smoke point that your using ie butter smokes at a lot lower temp than some olive oils. Second throw a few drops of water on the hot pan. If the water dances around and wont stick to the pan its ready for your oil/butter. Add your oil and let its temperature get HOT, but without starting to smoke. I usually wait about a minute. The hot oil in a properly hot pan is the key for the food you are cooking to not stick. That’s it. I was so happy to be able to fry potatoes and over easy eggs in a stainless pan without it sticking. Feel free to add more oil/butter if it evaporates too quick while cooking. Not enough oil for what your putting in the pan will make it stick again. The whole bottom of pan needs a coating, plus enough to coat the food. There you have it, non-stick without eating cancer causing chemicals. And stainless lasts for dang near forever, long after your nonstick coating has flaked off.

The buyer did a test and reports:

Stainless Set
The lid for the 3.5qt Saucepan fits the 8” Skillet perfectly.

Hard Anodized Set
The lid for the 8qt Stockpot fits the 10” Skillet perfectly.

It’s a floor wax!
It’s a dessert topping!
Stop! You’re both right!

I have a kitchen full of Commercial Aluminum Cookware/Calphalon anodized aluminum, and it’s absolutely my favorite (though I do have a few random cast iron pieces). I even have pieces my grandmother used from back in the 60’s, and aside from some discoloration (mostly due to an incident a few years ago when one of my sons took his eggs out of the pan and forgot to turn the burner off) it’s the best all purpose cookware I’ve ever used.

That said, I can’t figure out for the life of me WHY companies keep ruining this great material by slapping a non stick coating on it! If you’re using it properly (and yes, it takes a little practice) it ALREADY IS non stick!

I resorted to using Ebay to pick up the pieces I’ve wanted to round out my collection. Most of these pieces are already 20-30+years old, and I plan on passing them off to my kids when I die.

TL;DR Anodized aluminum absolutely rocks, but that stupid coating ruins the entire purpose of it.

I’m a retired chef and have found that there are a number of things will make your stainless cookware stick over time. Salt and “hard” water are two of the main offenders as they leave miniscule deposits that must be removed. To make them cook (and look) like new again, I use a brillo on the inside and bottom ONLY. Rinse in HOT water and, while still hot, polish the cooking surface with Barkeeper’s Friend. Then wash with soap and water and towel dry. Occasionally, the mirror finish on the outside of my professional cookware (another brand) will become scratched. If the scratch is deep, I use the same method but if it’s shallow or just looking dull, I lightly polish with Barkeeper’s only. It takes some elbow grease but even my 60+ year old Revere SS looks great!

Note: Barkeeper’s also polishes copper and brass easily. Just heat the piece up in hot water first.

I have to chime in here because I love this set so much. The lady got me the stainless steel set this past Xmas and I couldn’t be happier with it! It’s great for anybody who’s ready to invest is a worthwhile pot and pan set.

The stainless steel set has a multi-layer bottom (not totally copper, but one of the layers is) and it heats quickly and shines up nicely, too. I would strongly advise against putting these through the dishwasher as they tarnish quickly- or if you’ve already discovered this the hard way, keep a canister of Barkeeper’s Friend cleaner and polish handy- it will make them look just as good as new with a little elbow grease.

I’ve had these for nine months and I don’t how I put up with Teflon pans for so long! This is an excellent deal and they make an amazing gift that goes a really long way.

Not that I care personally, but this doesn’t seem to be the best for those trying to cook/eat a bit healthier by cutting back on the oils and fats, no?

I just bought the non stick set. I have an old KitchenAid set and just love the quality, so here I am for the upgrade! KitchenAid is a great quality brand that had served me well for many years :slight_smile:

Any non stick cookware is not good for health.It has cancerous substances…

Copper coated -stainless steel and cast iron cookware is good for health

ceramic cookware also good but very expensive. choice is yours ,risk is yours toooooooooooo

We have this nonstick set and love it. Cleans so easily. Barely needs oil for anything. The handles don’t get too hot. We bought a cast iron skillet separately to cool bacon, steaks, etc. I stir fry lots of veggies, cook eggs, boil pasta, in these guys constantly.

Not all oils are necessarily bad/unhealthy. Usually olive oil is healthier. I personally have been using avocado oil lately.

Thanks so much for that info! I also use a lid to make the perfect omelet… and I also use a lid to make perfect over-easy style eggs without having to flip them. With a clear lid you can watch as the surface of the yolk whitens over and you’ve got the perfect over easy egg. If you want to cook them further you can just wiggle the pan to see how firm the yolk is getting. Perfect every time.