KitchenAid Cookware Set - 2 Styles

**Item: **KitchenAid Cookware Set - 2 Styles
Price: $129.99
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8/23/2013 - $129.99 - 53 comment(s)

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) on the hard anodized over at amazon

Let’s learn about the differences of hard anodized vs. stainless steel

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) on the Stainless Steel over at amazon

Better than the Kirkland stainless set at Costco?

In theory the copper bottom should make them heat faster and more evenly. In practice, to know you’d have to try both of them for an extended period of time. It’d be difficult to find someone who has.

Had the stainless set for years- I would imagine almost impossible to beat for the price. Overall nice design, we ended up buying a larger stock pot but use this stuff almost every day.

Same here- purchased at Kohl’s for 99.99. They have held up very well.

How are the handles? Are they comfortable in your hands? Do they transmit heat much?

The pot handles are fine but the lid handles do get hot.

What is with the GLASS lids? I really hate glass lids. Gee, I know what is cooking in every pan without lifting the lid on my metal lidded pans.

Glass lids killed the deal for me. :frowning:

We have owned the SS set for years and love them. We also purchased the large dutch oven, I think we paid over $200 including the dutch oven. The way the bottoms are made is what sold us on this set.

That link was very informative, however, I think that the weight of the cookware is another issue. I have both stainless steel and hard anodized(uncoated). The hard anodized is much heavier to lift than the stainless steel. I prefer cooking with the hard anodized, but the bigger pieces, such as my 12" skillet are hard to lift when washing or tilting the skillet to drain off grease.

Unless you’re very interested in the anodized non-stick, I’d skip both of these and order the Tramontina set from Walmart for $20 more. Nearly identical to All Clad for 1/4 the price.

I picked up the Stainless Steel set last time this deal was offered and I absolutely love it. The skillets feel pretty weighty with that thick copper base; they are far heavier than my nonstick cookware. The pot/pan handles are solid and don’t get hot to the touch, but the lids will require use of a hot pad most of the time. Do yourself a favor and pick up some Barkeeper’s Friend over at Amazon to keep the set looking brand new. This has been my first foray into stainless territory and I couldn’t be more impressed.

Hard to beat Cotsco’s. Especially if your cooktops are inductive.

Plus the costco version has stainless lids. If you haven’t used stainless before you need to make sure your spatula and spoons can take the heat. I had 2 different spatulas melt when coming in contact with the pan during cooking. I’m not sure about the heat resistant synthetics but stainless and bamboo utensils work fine. I use salt for cleaning these as sometimes soap is hard to rinse off and can leave an aftertaste. Once I got used to stainless I’ll never go back to coated pans. They are not as difficult as infomercials would have you believe and they seem safer, they might not be but they seem that way.

I bought this a while back from woot.

Worst woot purchase so far.

It’s the least useful set. Everything sticks to them, they unevenly heat…

…but hey! Their stainless, so they look cool.

D+++ Would sell at a garage sale!

Preheating the pan and adding a little oil is the key.

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