KitchenAid Cookware Set - 2 Styles

**Item: **KitchenAid Cookware Set - 2 Styles
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Huh, my mom’s been looking for new pots and pans.

Let’s learn about the difference between hard anodized and stainless steel

My experience of buying cookware on Woot: if it’s made in China, you’re not going to like it.

I had questions about the Limited Lifetime Hassle Free Replacement Warranty. I poked around and found thisLimited Lifetime Replacement Warranty info at kitchenaid, but no mention of hassle free. What is the hassle free part? Is it only hassle free for a limited time?

I don’t really cook - I guess I’ll go with Anodized.

The English in this article is amazing.

(Also, not all hard-anodized is non-stick (though a lot of it is).)

That being said, I like both my stainless steel and (nonstick) hard anodized pots and pans. What the trick is with the stainless steel is that once you get your food out you should get that pot/pan filled with hothothot soapy water so as to help with the cleaning process. I’ve found that when I do this, along with drying it immediately after washing, my pots stay lovely and shiny as if they were practically new. I don’t have these particular ones, so I can’t speak for them, but that’s been my experience with stainless steel cookware.

We bought the same stainless set from a retail store 4 years ago. We have been happy with it. It definitely is not non-stick though.

We got a set of Flint SS pots with Gold Bond Stamps in 1961 just before we got married. The handles are gone, but the pots are still fine. We also have some more modern hard anondized cookware, the handles are fine but the pots show wear… We also have some cast iron cookwear that is well seasoned, both the handles and pots are just fine… Thank you for your time!!!

I will ad the following. Wait until the SS pot comes up to temperature before adding any oil or food. Drop a little water and when you see the water turn into small “dancing” little balls, it indicates that it has reached temperature. This process will result in non-stick of most foods.

No health issues like the conventional non-sticks.

Does everyone understand what retail “licensing” is? It’s often when a company that has lost it’s mojo sells or rents it’s name to others to attempt to cash in on the little name-recognition that is left.

Calling on my decades of experience with SS pans: (courtesy of the Frugal Gourmet):
“Hot pan, cold oil - food won’t stick”. Heat your empty pan to temp, add oil, then immediately add food. Also, when browning meats, don’t flip too soon, or a lot will stick to the pan. Be patient and wait til it “releases.” All the browned bits will stay on the meat.

I’m so tired of hearing that trite reference to Chinese products…if it’s made in China, it’s junk!

It was no different 5 or 6 decades ago when American consumers made the very same reference to Japanese products. Comedians on TV would poke fun at Japanese products and always garner tumultuous laughter. That only lasted a short while. By the 70’s the US was sending enough gold to Japan to sink the islands. Cars, trucks, heavy equipment, electronics (consumer and commercial), optics and a long list of other products became highly coveted in the US.

The very same thing is happening with Chinese products. So, call it junk if you want to but the Chinese are learning how to better make and market their products and soon my put the US company you work for out of business.

Gourmet Distinctions 10 piece is $180-255 on Amazon Without Prime shipping option. Finally - a deal!

“It’s been proven every day that food prep merely requires the bare minimum to just get buy.”

Really? Just get buy?

Also can someone tell Customer Service to check their e-mails and respond to them? I’ve sent 3 messages to them in 2 weeks and have gotten exactly zero responses.

This set is available on Amazon for $10 less. Not all sales here are the best price… do the research before you buy.

I am converting all my HAA to SS - will never buy another HAA again- eventually it will wear and expose the aluminum - especially of you cook alot of acidic dishes.

If you cook a few times here and there I am sure it will be fine- I am going with All Clad for my SS have a few pieces already and filling in as good deals pop up.

The issue with this set is you really do not need a 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 upright saucepans - if the 2.5 or 3.5 was of the wine variety then it would make sense.

It’s actually a different set on Amazon. This is still a better deal. I’m in for 1!

This is not an assertion that I would be proud to make if I were you.