KitchenAid Cookware

I have these layer cake pans and I like them quite well. They are heavy duty and they are deeper than the usual inexpensive layer cake pan.

I actually came here to say the same thing.
I would recommend the bake-ware.
They have an old estate sale heavy duty feel that is hard to find today.
They hold up well and the coating isn’t flaky like so many brands.

The cookware however has always been junk.
The pans warp. The non stick does the fuzzy coating thing.
They’re not terrible, just not great and there are better options out there.

Don’t try to sear a steak in a nonstick pan. You’ll kill your parakeet.

wow, thanks for the info! Knew there was a reason I liked stainless

Can anyone verify that the 10 piece set will work with induction? Do the magnet test?

“Suitable for all stove types, including glass and induction”

Mentioned in the feature list of the sales page, 4th bullet point.

Yup, saw that, just wanted a little assurance. Woot isnt always the most accurate. No offense woot.

I found a similar but not identical 9x13 KitchenAid cake pan on Amazon (for $15.59; Woot’s has larger side handles). The Amazon version’s pictures show a logo embossed onto the bottom of the pan – which I dislike, because I prefer a uniform surface for smoother cooking and easier cleaning.

Wonderful Woot people, can someone please confirm whether the version you’re selling has an embossed or a smooth cooking surface?


Now thats funny.

I bought the large red pan with glass lid from my local Costco or Sams (can’t remember which) a while back. I’m pretty sure I got it for about 22 bucks.

I always have one large pan like this in use, and I generally use it on average 5 nights a week so keep that in mind…

In short, the pan sucks. It’s too thin so it warped on the bottom and wouldn’t sit flat. did a hammer tap to make it sit flat again and it was ok, but still scratched easily from the food alone. I am ANAL about my main pan. I exclusively use Pampered Chef rubber spatulas to move food around, always wait until the pan is cooled before cleaning, and still this pan scratched.

Bottom line is after approx 6 months use it’s serving duty at my condo and I’m on to a heavier duty pan that costs about what woot is asking for this one.

Sorry woot, I generally like your stuff, but that pan is a 15 dollar pan. shipped.

We’ve gotten word from the buyer.
Yes, the Kitchenaid bakeware does have the logo on the bottom of the pan.

I hope this information has been helpful.

Ah, well. Thanks anyhow! You said “bakeware” rather than the 9x13 pan – is the logo embossed on the bottom cooking surface of the Springform pans, too?

Thanks! I have 2 10 year old Teflon coated pans that have been used almost daily. Good to know these warped. Now to find some that don’t…