KitchenAid Proline Edition Stand Mixer

Is this the most expensive listing for this item on the internet?

Even the most expensive listing I can find on eBay is only $714.

Amazon is pushing this out for about $500.

KitchenAid’s own website is selling this for $750.00!

Is this supposed to make everything else look like a steal?

On Amazon in this color, the $499 (+40 shipping) is refurbished. Ours is new. You can see that the price for new was $999 until the ran out:

Just want to remind everyone reading that there are other colors of this EXACT SAME PRODUCT available in NEW condition for over $100 LESS somewhere else!

Is your $150 worth a specific color that you don’t even get to choose?

I recommend buying refurbished anyway, but even if you want a new product, shop somewhere else.

Kitchenaid has always priced their “copper” models much higher, so that’s not really a Woot thing. 1.25 HP motor and 7 quarts, there wouldn’t be much it couldn’t handle.