KitchenAid Proline Edition Stand Mixer

Could this possibly even be right? Seven hundred dollars for a discounted blender? Can you drive it across the yard & get your lawn cut with it?

Maybe with some modifications?

The short answer is NO. This cannot be right. This is another classic case of Woot posting insane and ridiculous list prices.

$1229?!?! Are you serious???

I looked on the kitchen aid website and the most expensive mixer listed is a COMMERCIAL (better quality) series for $1030.

The Prolines they have listed on the website go for $749. You won’t save hundreds of dollars… you’ll save 39. For an open box item. And FYI, the Kitchen Aid list price is usually inflated. I got a “$600” mixer at Costco for less than $300.

Amazon is selling Proline mixers with more HP for hundreds less.

I don’t think I can believe anything on Woot anymore. What the heck happened to this company???

I don’t want to hear “msrp is often higher than actual prices.” I can’t find a “listed price,” even on the companies own website that comes close to $1230.

Sorry for the vitriol but I find this absurd. If you can point me to a source that has this price, I MIGHT calm down and apologize.

It’s a fancy schmancy limited color. It’s $999 at Williams Sonoma.

If you want your kitchen done in all copper, this is the one for you.

Otherwise, red is cheaper and probably just as cool.

new ones in every other color are $479. double the price for used? epic fail.

or, you know, you could just move on and not buy it. Clearly someone thought it was a decent deal because they’re sold out.

Just want to throw it out there - this is a baller mixer! if you dont get that, just move on. Had i gone the copper route in my kitchen instead of the boring and safe brushed chrome that my wife picked, i would have bought this in an instant