KitchenAid RRK150CV 5 Qt. Artisan Series Stand Mixer

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What color is it?


Any serious baker should have one of these.

This is a classic piece of kitchen engineering that’s been a standard for generations. To give you an idea of how little they’ve changed, the last major design change was in 1937, and you can still use all the 1937 and later attachments on a mixer made today. They are heavy AF (about 20lb), made in USA, shrug off abuse, and will handle pretty much any job you throw at them.

This is not your typical disposable kitchen appliance that works for a few years and then goes in the trash. These things last and last. It’s not uncommon to see 30 or 40 year old units still working fine in regular use. It may be the last mixer you will ever buy, and compared to the cost of buying cheap mixers every few years, these are a bargain.

We’ve updated the title with the color. It is indeed Caviar.

Caviar is not a color, it’s a food! Same goes for you, Peach colored items. And don’t think I forgot you, eggplant.

Orange is just an anomaly. The question is, did the color get named for the fruit or the fruit for the color? Chicken or egg?

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It would be nice to see an actual list of attachments included with this machine. They only reference how the various attachments work in the description. When you click on specs, all it mentions (IN THE BOX) is the mixer itself. Whisk, beater and dough hook seem to be standard. Is the shield/chute for the bowl included or not? There should be clarification of EXACTLY what’s included.

Hi there. It comes with:

• Beater
• Dough Hook
• Wire Whisk

We’ve updated the specs to reflect this.

Under Features it reads:

Easy Clean Up:
* The pouring shield fits around the top of the bowl and prevents ingredient splash-out
* The chute makes it convenient and easy to add ingredients

but, based on the comments above and Specs, it seems like the pouring shield and chute are NOT included, can this be confirmed, please.