KitchenAid Stand Mixer - 11 Colors

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KitchenAid Stand Mixer - 11 Colors
Price: $239.99
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12/7/2013 - $239.99 - Click Too See Discussion (21 comments)

Tons of comments from when these were offered in November


Great reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at

Check out the product page for more info and reviews

You know you want one.

I have one of these which I received as a wedding gift. I had wanted one previous to that for a very long time. My grandmother owned one, which my Aunt still owns to this day.

Though these are no longer made in the USA (they are still assembled in St. Joseph, MI) mine will probably last long enough that I won’t have to think about buying a new one for a very long time.

Why would you want a stand mixer, you ask? Well the simple fact that you can WALK AWAY FROM IT and it continues mixing makes a world of difference in the kitchen, especially when you’re used to working with a hand mixer.

Plus, the wealth of attachments for this brand make it a very versatile appliance. We have made our own burgers, applesauce, cakes, pies, cookies, you name it!

Good deal here. Going with a refurb straight from KitchenAid and you can save even more, about $65 (after Woot tax/shipping)…

KitchenAid Artisan 5qt Stand Mixer (refurb) - $199.99 + free shipping

Does anyone know if the current rebate being offered by Kitchen Aid will apply against this purchase?

Yes it will. I have used the rebates several times in the past.

I am pretty sure these are still made in the USA, if Greenville, Ohio is still in the Union.

And yes, I LOVE my KitchenAid stand mixer too.

Which rebate is that?

Trying to figure out what model number this is. Does anyone know?

Got one the last time around. Love it. Comes with dough hook, bowl, mixing blade and whisk. Going from a hand mixer to this is like going from a scooter to a car. It’s big and awkwardly heavy,could be a problem if you’re planning to move it around.

You really will really love this if you cook or bake a lot. I just used mine to make pumpkin pie. QVC sells the same model for $320 plus $18 to ship. This will last you a lifetime. I couldn’t get along without it for making Xmas cookies. This is a workhorse and a true kitchen essential.

This was the only “rebate” I could find. It’s less rebate and more free glass mixing bowl for the mixer.

The fine print says not valid on auction sites, but I don’t think Woot falls into that category.

Checked for myself, and I think it’s
KSM150PS, which is listed on that rebate.
The other models, there, appear to be specialty colors, mostly. (Copper, Deep Plum, etc)