KitchenAid Stand Mixer - 5 Colors

Almost $100 cheaper than lowest price seller on Amazon.

Love my Artisan! I really only use it to make banana bread or make whipped cream but it makes some incredible babana bread!

Some additional info and great reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at

Let’s watch a video [youtube=lijSizul0OE][/youtube]

I cannot express how wonderful the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer is!!!
It cuts cooking time in half: things get beaten in record time, and you can walk away from it and do something else.
If you want to make your own bread, cakes, whipped cream or butter, this is all you need.
If you want to make anything else: The attachments fit ALL models EVER made (estate sales are great for finding old cast aluminum attachments) I have the grinder, the ravioli maker, the tubed noodle maker, two slicers: Disc and Rotary, the can opener, the pasta plates and the ice cream maker!!

YUM YUM YUM. And, truly the best wedding present I got!!!

Its every cooks dream to own one of these. Yes?

I have this model myself, and it’s the best thing I ever bought for my kitchen. This is an amazing price, too- if I didn’t already have one, I’d buy it now.

I’ve had a slightly less powerful (300w), slightly smaller (4.5qt) KitchenAid Ultra Power mixer for about ten years.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that the bowl is just a bit too small to make a double batch of cookies or two loaves of bread. I think this one would be large enough.

I just can’t justify buying another mixer when the current one is so good.

Woot, Any chance of offering the 600 series?

Does this rebate apply to this model?

I’ve got the artisan. It is a bit more powerful than the base model and won’t bog down on most mixing. If you cook, it is one of the truly essential devices to make your life easier. I am sure there are some knockoff brands that will do the same, but this one is still built to last a lifetime.

good question! i have the 600pro and love it! i would’ve gotten the artisan if i was buying for myself because that’s all i figured i need but someone got the pro for me.
i would get this if i didn’t have one already. its a good deal and they last forever. they also seem to hold their value as i never see the retail price go down.

I’m interested in the availability of the rebate, as well. Below is the url for the rebate form. Linking directs to some legal page, so just copy and paste into your browser to view.

Also, the item specs don’t list the bowl as being in the box. I thought that all KitchenAid mixers came with the bowl…Is this information incorrect?

Yup, there’s a bowl. From the description:

" The 5-quart polished stainless steel bowl with ergonomic handle is big enough to handle large batches of heavy mixtures. Its ergonomically designed handle is contoured to fit the hand and makes lifting the bowl more comfortable."

Thanks. Funny it doesn’t show up on the “in the box” list…:slight_smile:

I would guess that this is not going to be eligible for the rebate as it’s listed as a 150 and not a 150PS.

Was given an old-school stand mixer from when Kitchen Aid was owned by Hobart. Also got nearly every attachment except the pasta roller, which I hope Woot will sell soon (please, pretty please…) I think the mixer dates back to the 70’s, but the thing works like new.

This item should sell out today.

Yes, this is one of those kitchen aides that have been on the list for a good bit. Looks like a great price, too.

FYI, and I was a bit concerned, hence the investigation, these are still being made in Greenville, OH. They’ve actually added some jobs to the factory bringing products back from overseas. So 10 years plus is still quite to be expected.

A great machine, an excellent price. I bought 2 this summer for wedding presents and have used mine a few times weekly for the last 20 years.

Best price? Kohls–349-30% off-$30 Kohls rebate=214.30 + kohls dollars back
Not bad price and available every day. BB&B–$349-20% off -35 BB&B rebate=244.20
Either way, choose from the full range of colors