KitchenAid Stand Mixer - 9 Colors

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KitchenAid Stand Mixer - 9 Colors
Price: $239.99
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Do these have metal gears or something else?

TONS of great reviews over at and

Let’s watch a comparison video between the Classic and the Artisan

I bought one for my wife last year from the Kitchen Aid outlet store for $249. These things are great. is running a pretty good deal on these right now too, with more color options, but shipping made it cost a hair more. (They currently have a free shipping promo, but the mixers are labeled as “special handling.”) Reviews are all-around very positive.
Seems these are always popping up on sale or with rebates, etc., but woot seems just a bit cheaper with shipping than I can find elsewhere.
Last time these were up, I took too long make up my mind on what color I wanted; finally decided on orange & then they were sold out. Not this time!

They also have an offer for a free meat grinder using a mail in rebate through KitchenAid. The form says the mixer has to be bought through an authorized KitchenAid dealer. Any staffers know if Woot is authorized?

Rebate form:

Great mixer, and great deal! My wife absolutely loves her’s.

Just a heads-up on another option… here’s another KitchenAid model (refurb) for about $85 less than this one (after shipping & tax):

KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus Series Stand Mixer - $229 with free shipping! Take another 20% off at checkout through May 3!

There is one gear which is plastic that tends to fail over time (years of use). It is easily replaceable, and there are a slew of DIYs on youtube to show you how.
Here’s one for a model I own

The link above links to the below video @ 2:25, which shows the gears.


Note that this is the 5-quart version; if you have a large family or do a LOT of baking, the models with the larger bowls are preferable, though this one does well for your typical recipes (cakes, breads, etc).

The wattage of the mixers varies, as well. This sports the 325-watt motor, while others sport 575, 600, and other wattages. What’s more important than the wattage, however, is the gearbox. The Pro Series, as I understand it, can handle a bit more work (multiple loaves of bread, heavy mixes, etc), while the Artisan models are for the average baker.

Don’t get me wrong - you should be able to mix bread with these without any issue, but the plastic gear is the weak link. The resistance a thick mixture would produce will be transmitted directly to the gearbox, where that weak link resides, and cause heavier wear than, say, a cake mix. It’s all relative.

All said, I think this is a good mixer, and perfect for an average family. Keep in mind, these are not made/manufactured by Hobart (as they were years ago), but Whirlpool. They aren’t built like they used to be, but they are easy to repair if necessary, and there is a wealth of information at your fingertips by simply searching the web for your model number (parts diagrams, repair guides, diagnoses, etc), which, for me, offsets any difference in manufacturing quality.

The Cobalt Blue picture seems to be the Ultra Power 4.5-quart model, which is significantly cheaper than the upgraded/larger Artisan model when searching elsewhere. Is that just the wrong image, or is it a different model than the rest?

Can get for about same price through Kohls when they run 30% deal. And if you count the Kohls cash, then it’s even cheaper. Can choose any color as well. Great mixers though for most situations

The model listed is KSM150 - the 2nd image of the Cobalt Blue mixer seems to be the correct (Artisan) mixer, while the first, as you noted, seems to be a different model than KSM150. Good eye! Would be good to have an official response to this question, but best guess is that it was an oops.

Thanks! I have an old Hobart classic and had been thinking of getting a new Artisan to add color to the kitchen, but now I won’t. I haven’t had a problem with the Hobart in the 25 years I’ve had it, and I bake a lot.

Check out big yard sales and auctions. I’ve only seen the machine at one, but parts and accessories often go very cheaply. I got an extra bowl and paddle for $4 total last year.

If it was new 25 years ago, it was most likely made by Whirlpool. They did redesign some parts of it in the mid-2000s, but not sure what got changed. Most of the older (prior to mid-1980s, when Whirlpool bought them) seem to run longer and strain less. I can’t find anything definitive regarding what’s different in the Hobart vs Whirlpool models, but I know they use nearly (if not exactly) the same hard parts (gears, case, etc). Best bet is parts of the motor have changed over the years.

I wouldn’t write off the current models simply because they aren’t as good as the older ones (which may be fact or fantasy, but people are very adamant regarding this assertion, so I’ll play along); as long as you follow the directions regarding mixing times and cool-down times, you should be fine.

That said, there are plenty of options out there - Bosch, Cuisinart, Electrolux, etc.

The 5qt bowl fits an average recipe but unless I spoon feed the flour, I end up with a snowstorm. And that stupid head tilt pin that is always jiggling itself loose.

a buck eighty three…that’s a killer deal

I agonized over buying one of these a couple years ago and went for the 7 quart model (stand mixer) with the 1.3 HP motor. Admittedly about the worst I throw at it is a 5 cup flour double batch pizza dough recipe, which it handles with aplomb, and IIRC, I dropped $500 on it. the 5 quart stand mixer for $183 OTD would be hard to pass on.

It says it’s refurbished which means (I think) they are machines the staff at the plant in Ohio have rebuilt. I’ve read about the work they do there and wouldn’t hesitate to go with something they re-worked, for that kind of money

I think it all boils down to what you are going to do with one of these, which model makes the most sense for you. Do your research before buying anything

I’ll say this, I came close to buying a commercial mixer instead of the Kitchen Aid, but in the end I knew I would be happy with what the KA mixer could do. FWIW too, I was a union baker (bread buns and rolls) for 5 years back in the 70’s so I have some experience working with dough

I’ll repeat, do your research. Figure out what the toughest thing you’re going to use your mixer for and make sure the machine you choose will stand up to the task

If hyou think the heaviest shore will be mixing bread dough and the machine you are looking at might not keep up, think about mixing the bread dough in a mixing bowl using a Dutch dough whisk. I have and still get my Dutch dough whisk out and it’s great to get flour and water mixed quickly and without a lot of work, so you could buy a lighter duty mixer for cake mixes and feel confident your Kitchen Aid purchase will last. Just a thought

I have one and love it. It makes baking easy. This price is not much of a bargain. I purchased mine around Christmas for significantly less.

my wife prefers the tilt-head model for making dough - she leaves it unlatched and lets it bounce around, so this is the one we have now (I too wanted to buy MORE POWER!)