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Lot’s of solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at amazon

HUGE fans (5 out of 5 stars) over at

Wayfair has a lot of good things to say (or at least people who bought this from there)

Can I touch your rusty kettle?

AHHH! Salad Fingers!! Soo creeeeepy…

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I’ll repeat.

Are there any tea kettles that are actually easy to clean?

As in I need to scrub the inside and need easy access?

What tune does it whistle ?

Creepy, but ingenious. :slight_smile:

It has many complaints on Amazon about it having a non-existant whistle and awkward handle placement.

This is my first Woot gripe. I bought the stainless kettle 2 weeks ago on Woot. Would have preferred the red but it wasn’t available. Today you have red available for $10 less! argh!

That’s frustrating.
What do you think of the kettle?

So I recognized this kettle as one I currently have and just out of curiosity went to amazon to see reviews there. I decided to leave one of my own on there but also thought it would be valuable here for those purchasing today. Here is what I posted there.

So I’ve read some of the reviews on here good and bad. My experience has been really positive though. I got this for free from a store that someone had returned it to. It had been burned and the store policy was that they couldn’t sell returned kitchen stuff and someone had mistakenly put it back on the shelf. I really liked the heavy weight of the stainless and the design and after working up through the ranks trying to convince someone to sell it to me for a slight discount got to the manager who told me the policy of no sell and she didn’t know why it was on the shelf… At this point I was alarmed as I wanted it and she wasn’t going to sell. After a plea or two she firmly told me that she wasn’t allowed to sell it but if it disappeared out of her sight quickly all would be good. I didn’t argue any more. When we got it home I just used a aggressive scotch bright pad to clean it to a new appearance.

We have used this kettle now for about 3 years. I have overheated it due to forgetting to put the whistle down once, it overheated to the point that the plastic spacers between the handle and the body started to melt. It did not deform the stainless body, handle, or whistle at all and a quick scrub with a scotch brite pad cleaned up the burn marks inside and out till it looked like new. As for the handle I simply tightened the screws to snug it back down to the base on the now slightly thinner by reason of melting plastic spacers. That was at least a year and a half ago. Still going strong. I have overfilled it hundreds of times and had water bubble through the whistle and it still mostly whistles as long as water isn’t currently flowing through it. :slight_smile: I will admit that it doesn’t seem to be as loud nowadays as it used to but it still works.

We live on a boat in a salt water environment and I have never seen the first sign of rust on ours like some others have reported. It has been used with water from our well at our house that is treated with a water softener and filter and with municiple water at the dock where our boat is. We filter that water before use for drinking or cooking also. At the house with a reverse osmosis filter there is never any build up of residue over time. At the dock on the boat with municiple water filtered through a seagull filter we do get a bit of residue build up after 3 or 4 months of use, still we have seen no rust either internal or external.

I have used it on both electric and gas stove tops and it works well. With gas the handle can get hot if you have a huge burner and turn it on high. Otherwise we can use it bare handed. Like others have said, if you have an issue with the handle getting to hot to hold just turn the gas burner down a little bit till it is still cool after boiling your water.

So far out of 5 or 6 different brands of kettles this has been the most durable I have ever owned. We use it on average 3 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So far that means that we have boiled about 3285 kettles of water in it since we bought :slight_smile: ummm… aquired it. I am not sure if they still build them like the one I have here but the pictures look identical to ours. Ours is stamped (18/10 Stainless, 2QT/1.9LTR, Kitchen Aid, C Q06, Whistling kettle) on the bottom.

umm… i have owned many kettles and not a single one was ever easy to clean on the inside. aggressive scotchbright pad seems to work best for me. :slight_smile: good luck on getting your hand in and scrubbing :slight_smile: just takes patience.

I you use distled water or water filtered with a reverse osmosis under sink filter you will almost never need to clean the inside of your kettle. We can go over a year between cleanings and it still be bright shiny clean on the inside. Actually the reverse osmosis system works better than the distilled water from walmart as far as deposits on the inside of the kettle go, maybe a year and half vs a year before you get a haze inside.

Just get some P.B.W. (Powder Brewery Wash) … can get at your local beer homebrew store, or if you don’t have one … online at like or

Just soak a Tbsp in hot water over night, and pour out anything that’s not supposed to be there.

Easy restaurant trick for cleaning caraffe: Use coarse table salt and ice cubes. The abrasive action of the salt with the mass of the ice cubes will remnove most of the scale and residue. Swirl it around and rinse it out.

Use spray oven cleaner to coat interior. Rinse when oven cleaner is dry. Cleans outside of kettle as well, including painted ones. No harm to finish. May affect plastic or rubber surfaces on some handles, lids, etc. Good for sinks, stove tops, window glass!! and anything SS. Keep away from aluminum!!

Genius, thanks. Buying a 2nd one after husband burnt our old one and melted the plastic parts when he fell asleep without the whistle on. Then he tossed it to destroy the evidence… ugh! There were things I didn’t love about the kettle however it was durable over all and the whistle was loud enough for me to hear through the whole house. Also not a savings really from what I originally paid but still a good buy.

You should be able to get your hand in there. If not. use a sponge on a stick.

If you will add a cascade dishwashing pod to your kettle, fill with hot water, soak overnight, it will be clean as new next day. May want to add a teaspoon of vinegar. Ususlly requires no scrubbing, but a baby bottle cleaning brush works pretty good.