KitchenAid Tri-Ply Stainless 12-Pc Cookware Set

Bought this a few weeks ago. Same price. Been using it. Highly recommended and a good deal from the research I’ve done.

If you disregard cost, how do these compare to All-Clad? I have a gas range.

I bought these a couple weeks ago as well for the same price. The arrived in great shape, they clean up well and easily. my only gripe is occasionally food sticks to the pan - but that’s my fault as i’m probably not prepping the pan as advised.

Triple clad only on the bottom, or extended up the sides?

All Clad = Handcrafted in America.

KitchenAid = Manufactured in China.

Otherwise, essentially the same.

From the vendor:
The triple layers does extend up the sides. There are triple layers throughout the entire pan.