Kite Train - 25 or 50 Kites

What material are the kites made from and does it include the line? If no line, then how much of what strength is needed?

This catchy video (and product pictures) show this coming with line.

Just be careful when you reel your 50 kites back in that you don’t tangle up the lines so you can fly them again.

Matthew is a lyrical genius.

Product website with different videos on their instruction page:

FAQ’s separate page:

or if you only want the videos:


Just this evening at our family reunion on the beach my daughter brought out two of the 50-kite kite-trains that she had bought on an earlier Woot. They were so much fun. Everyone on the beach and even some from the cabins came to see what they were. The kites looked great in the sky. One man put his hands next to mine and pretended to be flying them and had his wife take a picture. I think my husband and I spent the most time with them and we are the grandparents.
Don’t hesitate to buy they are really great!

Uh, were there kites in those videos?

or if you only want the videos:

What if we only want the girl?

Seriously, how easy are these to get aloft and would it be feasible to tie them off and let them fly on their own once they are up there?

So do these seem to fly easier than other kites? We don’t live near a beach, so our kite flying is normally a Spring?Fall event when winds are gustier & confined to a field in a park & usually involves a LOT of me running & trying to get it high enough to catch a breeze. If that is how we usually have to do it, I don’t see how a system like this where I’d have to keep letting them out slowly would work. NOW if this system would mean no more running & they catch a breeze easier - I’m definitely in for a few. If anyone can give insight I’d be grateful.

I bought this the last time it was on sale from woot. Yesterday was the first time we used it.
Very easy to get them in the air but within 10 mins the train that started with 25 kites broke into 5 smaller kite trains. Each of the 5 smaller kite trains flew off into the woods and since I was with a 2 year old there was no way I was going to run to get them back.

Thanks for the info. I was about to ask if these were reusable or a one shot deal.

We picked up the 50 rainbow kites last time they were on Woot. Getting them in the air was a 4 person job for us but I could see it being done with 1-2 in the right conditions. These kites are light, thin plastic so they reportedly fly in low wind. We flew them at the beach on the Gulf of Mexico and the wind blowing 10+ mph(while suitable for our other low wind kites) kept the kite train just 10-20ft off the ground so it really did look like a train going parallel with the ground rather than up, up, and away like you would expect a kite to do. I attached a cube kite to the end of the train to give it some lift so, in essence, the kite train became a fancy kite line. It got lots of attention and had everyone’s eyes on us for the 10 minutes it took us to get it in the air. About 15 kites didn’t make it into the air due to a tangle and several were damaged while flying.

Cool product–cheaply made. Not sure if our second attempt at flying them will be as pleasurable or even possible but I have high hopes!

Bought 3 of the 50 kite trains the last time around. Just bought 2 more. They are plastic sails and spars (sticks) with the sails cellophane taped to the spars. The trains are shipped ready to fly… just like the girl’s in the video. They are somewhat delicate… kids will break them… should be flown by adult.
We flew 2 trains in 4 -7 mph winds. They were up for at least 3 hours. In my opinion, 10 mph is too much for these. Launch and retrieve just like the girl in the video and you will be fine. You can’t be in a hurry when launching and retrieving. Bring a larger box than the original packing to put the kites in when you are done… much easier than trying to fit back in the original. Just a piece of general advice from a longtime kite enthusiast. If you are running to get a kite in the air, it is not the right day to fly kites. Wait for a day with better wind and you will have much, much more fun! Warning… Kite flying can become addictive.