Kitrics Digital Nutrition Label Scale

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Kitrics Digital Nutrition Label Scale
$15.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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$49.99 on manufacturer site for two models down…


$59.99 on there for one model down…

Amazon customers seem to give it pretty favorable reviews

High reviews on Amazon

Amazon Link

This was $22.99 a few days ago on Amazon. It works well, but I find the nutrition guide impractical, since you need to enter 5 digits for each item, which means that you need to have the booklet with all the items handy…

Yes…a scale for…Herbs…and spices…

I have this scale and it’s awesome! It’s easy to use and gives you more information than you’d ever want about the food you’re weighing. It’s a good postal scale, too.

is that what its called these days? =P

Life is too short for this nonsense.

You really don’t need all of this to lose weight. This is cool but OCDish

I have one of these. They are very useful.

In for 1. I’m diabetic and this hopefully will help me better control my blood sugar.

The people of Amazon seem pretty happy.

Nice I can measure out My Ummm … tea… And My Powered Milk without guessing !!!

Warning: Any amount of bacon over 4.5 pounds won’t register.

How does the scale know what food it is weighing?

And what does the booklet have in it? I mean, there is a TON of food, does it have every single food?

lets cut to the chase, will this help me lose weight?

You can put your chicken on it too.

I just use a postal scale for my dietetic scale, but this is about twice as accurate and will calculate your calories for you, and allow you to add to the nearly 2000 entries it comes with. It would be a sure buy if it were firmware-updatable. What do you think?