Kitrics Digital Nutrition Label Scale

i really need me some boc…

Can I weigh…herbs…with this?

This item was my very first Woot, back when the only available colour was silver.

I like it. It’s lasted me years, and it’s always been highly accurate. I’m especially fond of how it can switch from ounces/pounds to grams, which makes it really great for when I need to measure something for dinner, and then a moment later measure out some cocaine for a sale. Great multitasker.

This is the perfect upgrade from our old calibrated spring model.

Good call Woot!


These are pretty nifty. Just got one to replace my Salton kitchen scale. Will take some time to figure out some of the many features, but it does it all!

Well you’re going to be waiting quite a while then. Anyone who’s been here any length of time knows that the bags only come between certain hours, and we’re nowhere near that hour yet.

I Wooted one of these a while back. They work great and I especially like the tare function. It’s a bit fiddly to enter food codes from the included book, but at least the book is glossy coated so spills are less of an issue.

Sweet. Been looking for one of these. Got diagnosed with diabetes in Feb, so it’s all about a new diet and portion control.

In for one!


Wanted one of these last time they were on woot but did not pull the trigger. In for one this time.

If you put a Twinkie on this, would it just implode?

How many wooters are obsessed with nutrition?

Woot, I was first! Glad I got this after missing out last time.