Kitty's Inferno

Limbo seems pretty safe, aside from the proximity to the flames. Cute little sinner though ; )

I only wear catshirts on days that end in ‘y’.


Hell for me is a presidential election with no good voting choices. Thank goodness THATS over.

This shirt, on the other hand, is simply Divine! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Great characters. I particularly dig the old fashionned, Tom and Jerry like comedy on fraud.

Sweet design!!

Seems like a nice compliment to my “soft kitty, warm kitty” shirt. I could alternarte them.

Thanks shirtwoot for printing this sort of “Divine Feline Comeowdy.”

I own this tee, and I get compliments EVERY TIME I wear it. Kitty lovers love it. Catholics love it. Weird peeps like me love it. I’m buying another one since I know that someday, the one I have will wear out!