Kitty Cove

Kitty Cove

Missed your work. Lovely.

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This actually originated back in Derby #441 and was sold on tanks in a plus sale.

I have a couple copies. Because catshirtswoot.

Really cute design, but on Asphalt? Blah. Blue or green would have been nice.

I’ve been pointing out to Ben all the designs that Woot owns from those mini-derbys that have never been on shirts. So hopefully there are more rare classics to return. :slight_smile:

I hope so too. I’m not holding out too much hope for some of the old C-contract designs, though.

Wow, I have!so much to learn. You guys are like an internet timeline of Woot…how you know much so?

I have wasted many many many hours spent a lot of quality time on shirt.woot over the past 10 years, so I remember aspects like fastest sell out on debut day, latest derby entry to place first place, derby with the most rejected entries by one artist, first time submission to first place, first C-contract design to be made available elsewhere, and last C-contract design offered.

Just don’t look up my entry for the 5th year shirt.woot anniversary.

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So sad to see all comments over the years wiped away by the new format. Some great banter. I’d spend a few hours on an entry just for the pure delight of annoying Adder.

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In some ways, I miss the old shirt.woot posts. OTOH, there were some aspects that I don’t miss or care to revisit either.