Kitty Gratis

i got nothin’ but confusion

…would be cool if that was my phone number

We call ourselves… “Meow Mix”


…aaaand a phalus at the bottom

I want free kittens


(Also: FFS it’s KHAN. So the proper way to do that would be to yell “KHAAAAAAAAN”, not “KAAAHN”. You shouldn’t sound like Ahrnold trying to tell someone what you can and can’t do.) (Double edit: Unless of course you’re a fan of Albert Kahn, in which case more power to you.)

I swear I’ve seen this design before. Threadless?

Wait…if five kittens inspired the design then why are there only four on the shirt.woot?

Maybe if you wanted to kidnap children…

i’m not a fan of this tshirt at all

Just think if you are going to buy this, you will have 4 pussies all over your shirt, now this is just great woot, thank you.

YES!!! This shall be mine!!

I’ve waited a long time to see who would print this. Congrats Gimetzco!



Now this is a great shirt!!! In for one.


Purrfect for my friend who runs a grassroots animal rescue

I like the Gatorade logo in the background.

Paying to get a shirt that advertises free cats? I see what you did there…

I think I remember seeing it as side art at teefury.

The design has a subliminal feeling to it.