Kitty Gratis

so it’s not just me who noticed…

Looks like something jimiyo would do for fun. XD

Dibs on Stinky!

Funny. I thought Woot didn’t allow pictures in their published designs…

This shirt calls to me for some reason… I love kittens :frowning:

Seems as if this designer likes the exclamation point… so…

I’ll have to sleep on it! But most likely, I’ll be back, ordering this shirt!

Yes. It was on threadless, and written up back on Singularitee in January.



As much as I go for kitty shirts, nope. You should never give kittens away for free. People do horrible things to them. :frowning:

Coincidentally, the ‘phone number’ has been changed.

Okay, who’s the one who is going out to google images and see if the kittens were taken fom the web.

Eh, I’ll pass. DOn’t want the neighbr’s dog, who hates cats, attacking me…

this just makes me think of all the animal shelters that are closing down and giving their animals away for free so that they don’t get put down. sad times.

“It’s like if all the Beatles were Paul.”

Dude, that’s exactly what I thought of when I saw the four kitten heads- Beatle Kittens? Kittles Keatles Beattens Bittens? Oh wow man. Is Paul McCartney a kitten? Is he a DEAD kitten? CONSPIRACY!

Also soon to be in September :wink:

Honestly, if one of the kittens name wasn’t stinky, I would buy this shirt. Also, I hate cats… Sorry cat-people.

I’m a little sad a reference to the Borg was integrated into a design with kittens. They should have at LEAST been Borg kittens!!

Which makes it an instabuy. The phone number was holding me back, hypothetically, the first time

yeah, I didn’t really need ‘boobies’ written out in geek numbers.