Kitty Love

So cute. Candy sweet crunchy melty cute. So not much like cats ; )

Neat graphic, and props for getting the rare pink shirt option!

Ooooh, pink! Thanks for pointing it out, SG!

I LOVE it…BUT…I would love it a whole lot more if it said:
“My cat loves me!”

Want to get this for tween girls, and I’m worried that the “At least…” part makes them look needy and plays into the whole not-good-enough self esteem thing.

Yeah, I’m overthinking, but they’re strange creatures at a strange age…

Kitty hearts <3

I’d agree with you, regardless of age for this shirt. Shirt implies the person was desperate and given up hope. Should come with a bottle of Xanax and 5 free therapy sessions.

Love cats, shirt no so much. But if you do, go for it, I’ll not judge.

I also agree! Love cats and this cat image, but words keep it from being a buy for me.