Kiva Luggage

Is it just me or are the prices on the genius compress it box things…(it’s 7am and I am le tired alright!)…flip flopped?

From $5.98 to $9.99?

Sorry, I’m not seeing it. Could you be more specific?

What is going on woot? Every time I try to place an order for the 1. Packing Genius Roller Tote - Glacier
Condition: New
Quantity: 1 @ $79.99, I keep getting an error message?
“Seriously, you gotta be 21 to buy wine. You must specify your date of birth to make this purchase. Otherwise, remove that wine out of your order, kid.” Does the bag come with boos?

I’m seeing it, when i go to check out…

Sorry for the delayed response and to hear that you’re seeing an error when you attempt to purchase.

I recommend that you log out and then back in. You could also try using another browser, as some browsers have been experiencing order issues of late.

If you continue to experience this issue, please let us know.

I was ordering a full set for myself and see the flip flopped prices too. Was 5.98-now 9.98. And same fir larger compress packs. I will wait and see if it gets fixed then order what I want. If I miss it, too bad :slight_smile: not paying more than original prices, want that deal lol

The issue is when you add the small cube to the cart the price is $9.99 but the crossed out grey “list price” is $5.98. Same for the large cube with $12.99 and the crossed out “list price” of $7.98.

Hoping that they are the lower crossed out prices since when adding Woot shipping, they basically cost the same as Amazon with free Prime shipping and returns.

Prices are still flipped. I’d really like to get some of the packing cubes. Hope it gets fixed soon.

While it may still be a mistake, the typical “list price” of those compression cubes is definitely higher than the Woot prices - I see the small ones on eBags and TravelSmith for $15 and the large ones for $20. They’re a little bit cheaper on Amazon, but Woot’s prices are still lower.

Just realized what was going on. The price issues only show up on mobile. Woot, someone needs to check their phone and see the cubes, the rest are ok. But the large packing cube says 12.99 and has marked out 7.98

Thanks for pointing that out Those list prices aren’t set in the sale. We have no idea where they’re being pulled from. Reporting it.

They are not just showing up on mobile, they are also showing on my desktop (both Firefox and Chrome). I can send a screen shot if requested. I was assuming the lower List Price was an error, thanks for clarification on the actual price, now I can buy a few.

Yeah, we’re looking into it. Not showing for me on Chrome or FF.

Yeah. Sorry for the delayed response. It does seem to appear just on mobile.
Thanks for clearing it up!