Klean Kanteen Cafe Cap 2.0, Leak Proof Wide

Klean Kanteen Cafe Cap 2.0, Leak Proof Wide

Buy the cap, get the canteen free?

is it just me or is the whole site screwy today?

Forums aren’t loading the deal comment pages before the header link updates on desktop site (that’s usually what happened)
Slow updating next deal when deals sell out
laggy load times when refreshing
only one bag of crap so far
I’m kind of let down today to be honest :confused:

I dont think there has been any krapp

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woot is doing its job then. well done woot!

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BOC are getting pretty scarce due to the trade war. Less will be available for sale and they’re going to start charging $25.

Someone needs to relink the original rules for shopping at woot (or whatever it was called.) people need a reminder that even though amazon lawyers have made woot change on paper, the spirit is still the same

edit: maybe it was the original faq i’m remembering

While I see your point, Woot-offs are one of my favorite days of the year, they come second to black friday (my official favorite day of the year) but today just seems blase

I think this is more of a weird-off
Woot-Offs historically have started with the tueday night rollover.
This one started at 5am PST -

They don’t have that much decent stuff, so they have to sprinkle some crap in so the last 6 hours of the Woot off isn’t junk. :wink:

not related to your comment, but maybe you should buy something over here…

Is shipping included? If I buy 5 pallets of refurbished monitors, I would like shipping to be included.

i dunno, i just stumbled upon that site

We got tired of running stuff in the middle of the night while every one was sleeping. Plus, it was a killer for the person running the woot-off.

We’re testing shorter woot-offs.

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how about a daily woot off. alternating start times, but only an hour long

like something similar from the past or something

I know of at least one person who would be more than happy to run traditional wootoffs remotely

But who would you call (I assume you’re talking about yourself being willing) to kick the servers when they act up?

Actually, no BOCs today. People just commented on old forum posts to make it look like there was BOCs. So far, no BOCs today.

I believe it. Still sad. I was hoping for one more Box O’ Cheap.

I have an old IBM 286 sitting around we could use as an upgraded woot server.