Klein Tools 9" High-Leverage Pliers

Klein Tools 9" High-Leverage Pliers


now woot is using leverage to ply their wares

…for all those not already bent out of shape by society’s pliers.

Good to replace my old rusty ones with a sticky plastic rotted handle?

go for it

you can always redip them later too

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Nah, that sticky is just extra grip for tough jobs.

Yes, and it looks hefty enough to make a good impromptu hammer when percussive maintenance is required.

It’s the funniest looking BoC I’ve ever seen…

extremely confusing product. it shows ONE plier but says multiple. Is there a description that tells me how many I"m buying for $20?

I got these last time, and they arrived with spots of rust :open_mouth:

Pliers is one of those weird plural things like pants.

You’re getting one pair of pliers or a plier if you prefer.