Kley-Zion KZ Res-Q EDC Pen

Kley-Zion KZ Res-Q EDC Pen

Received three and the first I opened did not have Fischer pen cartridge or any instructions. Operation of pen between writing and defensive use not clear and is cumbersome. Since there are no directions, what Fischer ink cartridges do these use? There are a number of different versions on Amazon mothership.

Put in support ticket. Other two are gifts and don’t want to open. Any way to get PDF of instructions?

Sorry about that. We pulled these from Amazon inventory so we don’t have a lot of info on it.

I did find the manufacturer’s site. Maybe contact them directly?

Same here. Missing the ink. Support sent a replacement, also missing ink. This must have been a defective batch. Support took care of it so all good. Just frustrating.

Same here. Opened my replacement yesterday and still no ink cartridge. So frustrating.

Hi there. Sorry for the issues with the missing cartridges. We pulled these from Amazon inventory. Their sale says it should be included. It’s possible the manufacturer made a change and didn’t change the UPC or SKU.


Can you please update the description if the ink cartridge is not included?

I can’t but I can ask the team.

Same here. Ordered 3 pens, no ink. Space pen refills are 10 bucks, same as the price of the pen.