Klingbeil Quad Roller Skate (2nds)

If you are going to have retro skates - you might as well have a nice heel to complete the look.

Anyone know how the sizing runs on these? My daughter loves to go roller skating and this would save me a few bucks every time she went…she wears around a size 2 right now for tennis shoes. (She’s 10)

Want want want! Hope I order the right size. I can wear anywhere from a size 8 to a 9 1/2 when it comes to boots/skates…

I am wondering this too. The manufacturer’s website is NO help on sizing. Can anyone give us feedback on sizing?

Sweet! Takes me right back to 1975!

Hope this helps…


My heart actually fluttered…it was nearly instantaneous…like a near death experience ‘my life flashed before my eyes in a second’ moment, but I saw it all in glorious late-80s color: my yellow skirted skater’s outfit, my neon blue tights, Madonna blasting out of the speakers, my braces lit up by the light of Cold Coast Roller Rink’s fluorescent bulbs. And (sigh) the sight of the coolest of the cool…the black-and-white striped shirt-wearing “refs” making sure the masses skating round and round in a giant oval on wooden floors behaved ourselves.

Thank you, woot, for prompting my visit to a long-forgotten happy memory. It was lovely.

Price is good for even the cheapest sort of rollerskate, let alone a good name. Hopefully the ‘2nds’ won’t be too 2nd, you know? In for one, got a 9. Not sure about Klingbeil sizing, but skates are usually sized a little small. These appear to be real leather, so they will stretch some.

Childhood memories of skating at the Roller Rink just flashed before me.

Thank you!

And of course, by the time I looked it up…the size I wanted for her was sold out, so I went a half size larger.

Who hasnt dreamed of being this guy?

Who’s Bad?!?


So… What? Men don’t get to skate? I like skating… This is discrimination! Discrimination, I tell you!

Heyyyy, there’s no men’s sizes/ styles? I wanted to dress up all 70’s style for Halloween and this price is perfect! Oh well, maybe next time.


Totally wanted to do something like this!

Small meaning narrow? My feet could handle short but not narrow. God, I love roller skates.

Man, this would have been a great deal back when I was carhopping. Those days are several years behind me now.

I am agreeing horribly to this statement and quite upset there aren’t men’s sizes :-[

Generally narrow, yes. Ice and roller skates tend to be cut on the narrow side as they are supposed to be very close to the foot and provide support. But unlike your usual cheap non-leather skates, these at least will stretch some.

The funny thing is, aren’t those men skates pictured? I thought the guys’ skates were always black and the girls’ skates were white, no?