Klipsch 8" 350W Powered Subwoofer

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Klipsch 8" 350W Powered Subwoofer
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Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com and perfect reviews over at newegg.com

I own a few sets of Klipsch speakers - bought them before Best Buy started selling them. Their subs are fantastic. Their cusotmer service is pretty good too - they replaced a controller panel on one of my subs for free after the warranty. Their speakers are both warm and bright with crisp highs. The subs provide smooth rumbles. I’m trying to come up with a reason why I need this because it’s a good deal, but I just don’t have a place for it.

I have this sub. I wouldn’t get it. It won’t rattle the walls. It’s not very strong. I would save up for a 12 inch for really good sound and rumble. I do LOVE Klipsch. They make fantastic speakers and subs, but this sub is just weak. When watching your 60" from the couch, don’t expect that rumble when the alien spaceship arrives at earth.

I have owned this sub for a few years now. This is definitely a good buy - I paid more than this and would do so again.

I have a full Klipsch surround setup in my medium sizedliving room and it is more than sufficient for a practical amount of bass. If you have a medium-large or large living room it may not fill the room.

If you are looking for an inexpensive subwoofer that’s better and louder than the one that came with your theater-in-a-box speakers, then this would do.

However, if you are looking for a good solid subwoofer, I would recommend SVS. They have some of the best subwoofers for the price.

Interesting comment. I have 2 KLF 20s for my front R/L and an RC3 II for the center. I just moved into an apartment so haven’t found a practical way to set up the surround, but used to run a couple small Klipsch HD 500’s on each side in the rear, which required me to mess with my Onkyo receiver to get a sweet mix due to the texture of different voices coming out of the speakers. So thanks for the tip if you want sound like you have, but if you want real sound, you’re going to need a bigger speaker. Klipsch can give you sweet, true sound, but this can’t. So, Kimmy Kevlar, love this to death.

What does “Eport voltage” mean? Is the unit switchable? Or that when they build a unit for export, the unit is 220v wired? I hate 220v

I’ve got a 450 now that I paid much more than this for. If this was the same one I’d buy another for sure. Seems like a good deal. My sw-450 sounds great

An 8" sub (regardless of what brand) isn’t likely to blow your socks off in a main living room or large home theater. This is more of a bedroom setup sub. I think people know this. I haven’t listened to this one, but I do have a 12" for my home theater, and an 8" that I used for my surround setup on my desktop pc - it was plenty loud and powerful, but it was sitting a few feet from my chair under my desk. I have a 6" (might be 8) sub from another company in my bedroom setup, and it’s good enough. I imagine this 8" sub would be great for a small home theater or bedroom setup or if you have an apartment.

I’m guessing this would be quite good for a computer when used for gaming or decent quality music playback (non-mp3). I just wonder about the cone control, being ported like that and the chance for it to unload and go free-air at times. Reviews I’m seeing are good, but specific application isn’t mentioned much.

Know nothing about this sub-woofer, except that Klipsch is a respected name in audio, and have been around for a long time.

However, today, from 12:00AM - 9:59AM PT, NewEgg has this on sale for 77.00:

Pioneer SW-8-K 100W Powered Subwoofer

This was designed by famous speaker designer, Andrew Jones.

I do not own this, but do own several of the other Andrew Jones designed speakers, and they are AWESOME for the sound they put out, and value they bring, esp when you can get them on sale.

This one appears to be Version 1, there is a version 2 out now.

what are the advantages/disadvantages of running 2 powered subs? I have a Polk PSW10 and can rattle the windows with it. thinking of adding a 2nd so maybe I can really FEEL the bass.

stereo subs - watch the pod racing scene of SW episode 1 with stereo subs and then you will understand.
That said, I wouldn’t call this a true sub-woofer as it only goes to 31Hz - get another Polk.


When connected conventionally to a standard AVR, two subwoofers do NOT operate in stereo.

Other than the increased headroom, the main benefit of 2 (or more) subwoofers is a smoother in-room frequency response, without such severe dips and peaks in the frequency response as would be normally encountered in almost all rooms with only a single subwoofer.

That said, integrating dissimilar subwoofers, properly, is not a trivial endeavor.

Absolutely love the blurb on this one.

Way back in the day when I was a teenager I had a pair of 2-way acoustic suspension (sealed) " stereo" speakers (Acoustic Research) (AR) with 8" an woofer in each of them. It was perfect for a bedroom. They offered decent bass response. One single 8" so called “subwoofer” in a living room is kind of a joke.