Klipsch 8" 350W Powered Subwoofer

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Klipsch 8" 350W Powered Subwoofer
Price: $159.99
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Comments from a previous sale

Time to check out the product page and great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com and perfect reviews over at newegg.com

I used to have the 15" version of this sub a long time ago (which of course is going to be an older version of the driver) and I found that one to be really, really vanilla; not satisfying for a true bass head/lover.
This 8" newer model would be great for a small room or bedroom that has a decent sound bar or system with small speakers since it’ll be reasonably easy to hide. Realistically it will only be adding the missing low end… don’t buy it thinking it will untie your shoes because it’s not that kind of sub but it should be perfect for the right application.

I bought the soundbar/subwoofer that was offered last week from Klipsch and soundbar doesn’t power up. Its been 3 days since I contacted them and there only response was are you in the US or Canada.

Did you talk to Klipsch customer service @ 800.554.7724? Please call we will take care of it. If you are having any trouble there you can reach me at alan.jurgens@klipsch.com. I’m going to be unavailable until Monday. If you prefer woot can take care of you as well. Either way you will be taken care of. I apologize for your inconvenience!

I got one of these on a previous woot sale to replace the 12’ Athena Sub I had (dang BaSH amp keeps dieing in it)

Overall pretty happy with it, puts out a good amount of bass for the price. Won’t hit the super low notes, but if you’re after those, you’re probably looking at the higher end gear anway.

I’ll always buy from Klipsch!

WOOT loses credibility when they post in the title 350 watts and when you read the specs it really is only 150 watts. Fix that!

Bought this from Woot a while ago - Klipsch is definitely getting rid of all their old Synergy stuff, and I have this paired with some F-30s I got here for a great price, too.

Don’t believe pupyluvr - in a smallish house, this rocks just plenty. I’m in a 1500 sq ft condo, not a 3000 sq ft house, and yeah it might be underpowered there, but I definitely have to keep the sub at like, 50% volume just to be kind to the neighbors, and we have solid concrete walls and floors (very very minimal sound transfer.)

The 12" may be better, duh, but this sub holds it together really well at volume - no distortion that I noticed. Can’t beat it for this price. Can’t beat it for 2x the price.

How does Woot lose credibility for posting the sub as it is listed everywhere else? The sub is rated for a maximum dynamic load of 350 watts, which is how every other speaker company rates and lists their subwoofers…

Yeah, I had to check with our set up guy, I had no idea this was a thing too. He sayz:

FTC Rated Power: 150 watts continuous @ 1% THD, Dynamic Power: 350 watts

We usually list peak power on these items as does Amazon and Klipsch.