Klipsch 8" or 10" Powered Subwoofer

Comments from a previous sale

I have the 8-inch model, purchased from Amazon and am really happy with it. Nicely made, really good sound. This price is excellent too !

I bought 2 of the 8" last time and they were much better than I expected. Now that being said, I have 2-15" and 2-12" Cerwin Vega speakers in the room I installed them in. I’ve bought other subs before and cannot even tell when I unplug them, but the 8" klipschs we could hear nicely. Don’t get me wrong, it has limits and cannot be pushed extremely hard, but will add nicely to a $10,000 system or less. I’ve not tried it but I bet it would rock a $1,000 home stereo. Anyway, Just order the 10" and cannot wait! PS, if you want a sub that will hit hard and not distort at all, get a cerwin vega from amazon. It will blow this one away! Still, you cannot beat this price so just buy it already!