Klipsch A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones

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Klipsch A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones
Price: $39.99
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2/5/2014 - $49.99 - 15 comment(s)

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Time to check out the product page

Purchased five of these on past woots, retail and one more today. They work great my grand kids love them and unlike gear pro which is getting lots of product placement on woot, klipsch takes care of their product, all you have to do is call them. You will not be sorry at this price.

Check out this brief write up from stereophile.com

Anyone try these out with an android system? Do they provide any sort of volume control with the buttons or only functional for iOS?

The inline control is incompatible with Android devices. The play/pause button works for some media apps but the volume up and down and the Next track buttons do not work.

Would these work with an older iPod Classic?

Sometimes it seems that unless a device is hooked up to the internet, bluetooth-enabled or whatever else, it’s just considered ‘obsolete’.

Well, that settles that. Bummer.

Doesn’t settle it for me. I have a Sansa clip and love it so I know the controls won’t work. All I want to know is how the sound is and how well it fits the ears?

$72.00 with 3.5 stars on 37 reviews at Amazon.

Bought a pair lst time and not impressed at all with sound reproduction.
I guess that if you’re looking for something that’ll stay in your ear while you exercise they’d be acceptable. I tried all the different sized ear plugs as klipsch recommends but my apple earbuds sound MUCH better believe it or not. :slight_smile:

I have a few pairs of the S4a’s (They work with android) and the sound reproduction is fantastic. Does anyone know how these compare?