Klipsch Audio

I had the $40 ones before. I’ve never lost a pair of headphones up until this point. Lost these within a week of buying them at full price. Sounded great while they lasted…

Sigh. I bought these exact headphones during the last woot-off a few days ago for $14.99. I thought I was getting a good woot-off deal.

I hate to be “that guy”, but the woot off items used to be a greater deal (price-wise) then they are now.

I bought the S4a’s recently on W00T and they’re awesome! I have S2’s and really good Altec Lansings as well as several over the ear headphones (Crossfades, Image One etc) and these sound almost as good as some that cost twice as much! You won’t regret it…

S4’s are stellar headphones! I’ve had mine for probably a year and a half now with ZERO issues. You don’t realize how terrible cheapo headphones sound until you’ve tried something nicer. Can’t recommend these strongly enough!

I’ve seen the cheaper S2’s (under $20) and S3’s listed her before, but never the S4A for Androida althouh I could be wrong. I have a pair of S4As. I bought form Amazon and it’s excellent for the price. I run 4 times a week with them and never ran into the bad cord noise that’s been described in the Amazon reviews. Nice, tight bass response. Not muddy like other brands. If you want more accurate, neutral sound with good, but not overwhelming bass, these are a no-brainer. One issue is listening to calls with both earphones is like talking with cotton in your ears. Take out the left ear piece and it’ll be like having a normal conversation. Excellent for music, but just good as for the mic and controls. Average price is around $80 online so great deal at $40.