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Does anyone know if the Synergy F1 is the same speaker as the Synergy F10? They seem to have the same drivers and the exact same specifications.

They are different. It appears the F-10 superseded the F-1




I have the SXT, and absolutely love it. Plenty of volume for a small to medium size room. Amazing sound quality for the size and price of these speakers. Very highly recommend.

Does the RoomGroove work with an Iphone 4?

I can’t find any information other than it works with most iPods.

No guarantees, but it’s likely to work. If it works with late-model iPods, it ought to work with any 30-pin iPhone, with a couple of caveats: It might not charge the phone, and there might be some stuttering noise when you receive a call or text. Most of the older iPod speakers that aren’t iPhone certified aren’t shielded against GSM.

There’s an example of the noise, which you’ve probably heard before, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1mlponX_jw

How can you tell which iphone/ipod speaker system is wireless? I want to be able to bring it camping.

You don’t need wireless, you need battery-operated. The G-17 has AirPlay, but no battery.

I have this and it’s pretty good: