Klipsch Bluetooth Speakers

What size lithium ion batteries does this speaker use?

Welp, mine showed up(ordered one earlier this month) with a little battery life and wouldn’t accept a charge. Woot steered me to Klipsch customer service who seems to be slow playing me. While it worked for a couple hours- it sounded good but some of the features on it are annoying. Touch sensitive buttons. The crowd noise when it syncs up. Will not remember connection and sync up automatically. Depending on how they handle the return it may not be worth it personally.

I magically received a RA to return it (at my own expense) after posting earlier today. At least they’re paying attention now but world class customer service should not require me to pay for the return of an out of the box defective item.

Woot! has graciously credited me on this to cover the return shipping. Thanks Woot and I commend your world class customer service!

On the flip side of things, I ordered one of these the last time out, same price, in the rich color of purple. My unit works marvelously! It has great bass response for something this size, I have had a few Bluetooth speakers. It doesn’t remember the connection, but once you turn the unit on, a quick move to my Bluetooth settings and it connects very easily. For me, I like the fact that it doesn’t automatically connect because I go back and forth between my Android phone and tablet. Other speakers connect on their own, and now I’m trying to turn the Bluetooth off on my phone so it will connect to my tablet.

The battery in mine is awesome. I charged it the first time, and didn’t charge it again for a week with intermittent use.

I am thoroughly pleased with this purchase.

Slight tip: when pairing this, on my devices, I turned off connecting this unit for calls, only media. This really helped with connecting to my phone and tablet quicker.

Paid $30 more back in November for the KMC 1 :frowning: Do love the thing though. Do wish it would auto connect on bluetooth.

Krapsch! The ultimate in audio Disappointment.

I bought this in the autumn, as what I expected to be an awesome Christmas present for my husband.

The thing will not turn on now. No power.
Of course, I had bought it several months before, so SOL.

It was his only present, the thing he really wanted. Nope nope nope.

The klipsch support website is also a useless pile of bytes.

(I work with, among many other things, AV and telecom systems, so yes, I have checked all the basic crap)

Do not buy. Unless it is for someone you don’t like, but are required to drop a certain number of bucks on. Then have at it.