Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers and Powergate Amplifier

Damn, very annoyed - I just bought this from Woot through Amazon back on Prime Day (less than a month ago!) at a price of $399.

This is a great set of speakers and the powergate is pretty neat, allowing for WiFi & Bluetooth connection, as well as many other physical connections.

Not a ton of bass, but that shouldn’t be expected from a small driver.

Welllĺlll, you ARE within the Amazon “prime” item return period… but is it worth the 100 dollars to buy these and return the Amazon purchase… i guess it drpends on who refurbished these… Klipsch? I bought a refurb mac on here and it looked like someone danced on the computer. All they did was reformat the mac… and the customer service through woot was so bad i had to call AMAZON PAYMENTS JUST TO GET A REFUND AFTER REQUEST AFTER REQUEST FOR A RETURN AYTHORIZATION SLIP AND HAD TO DY OVK THE BOAT by contacting Amazon corporate cusyomer service and FINALLY I GET THE RETURN AUTHIRIZARION… but that was my experience with a different seller… and the “WOOT TODAY” IS MUCH BETTER WITH customer service where 3 years ago there was nearly 0 customer servicem i think 1 guy did all customer service tasks… because it took 5 days to grt an automated generic “your screwed” rrply letter. I think the lone c.s. employee was huffing someyhing too…

ANYWAYS, THE MORAL IS always beware when buying refurbished products sold by a 3rd party on a 3rd party website!

I do have these speakers though and I they’re my go to for speakersWhen it comes to home audio hands down that with the$2500 tear denon receiverIs a beautiful combination to the ear.:grin:

uhm…these are NEW.