Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers and Powergate Amplifier

I ordered and received. Works well however it needs a firmware upgrade and the only way to do it is a ios or android app. No windows support. The droid app does not work and hasnt worked in a long time. Based on the app reviews. Sounds good for what it is.

Is the receiver a 5.1 surround sound system? I was going to buy one that has HDMI ports so I could plug my TV, Blue Ray player and Amazon Fire stick into it but this one says it’s wireless so I wouldn’t need to do that with this one? Please advise. Thanks! Karen

The speaker sounds awesome, however,sadly,the power gate shuts off randomly, never stay longer than one hour. I am so upset with this product, and I am going to return it. There are some negative review in Amazon mentioning the same problem. I though I could be lucky to avoid that…