Klipsch Headphones

Anyone have a review on the last round of the Image One bluetooth that were out on Dec 9th?

We have the Image One (wired) we got last year on a wootoff. Got myself and the wife a pair. Absolutely amazing headphones. Super deep rich bass, crisp highs, ear pads are very comfy

I thought these were over ear when I got them, they were on ear, which I don’t like, but they are extremely comfortable and I don’t mind wearing them at all now.

They even hold noise out very well. I use them for drumming too while playing with a track and they seal enough to keep me from going deaf while still hearing the track playing.

I also fall asleep on my side in these things almost nightly, crushing them between my head and pillow and they have held up VERY well, no damage, tearing of the leatherette ear pieces or warping of the plastics.

I would HIGHLY recommend these to anyone. For $50 they are an absolute STEAL!!! (forget crappy beats or bose, these are far better IMO)

Yes, I got a pair of black ones BT. They’re realy good! The bass is deep, I had no problem adjusting the sound using the EQ on my phone and computer. They really isolate noise well. For the the price its a good deal. Just orderd 3 of the wired ones for gifts.

Anyone ever used these when running? Need a good pair to run with and I’m not allowed to use earbud type headphones.

I picked these (Noise-Canceling) up from Woot! awhile back.

[list][]Sound reduction is nice, comparable to higher priced sets like Bose 15’s[]Folding design/overall design. The headset stores away nicely when you are traveling []Pass-thru sound. i.e. when your battery runs out, the headphones still work, but the sound-cancelling doesn’t []Price. For the price, it easily compared to my Bose 15s which are double the price, and don’t have pass-thru[/list]

[]Feedback from rubbing cord. You can hear the headphone cord as it rubs against your shoulder, etc…The sound transmits right into your left ear and can be annoying at times []Heavy. No. I wouldn’t recommend these for running. They are good for lounging at the laptop/in the airplane, but not being mobile[/list]

If you need a decent sound-reduction headphone these are a great buy at this price.

Noise canceling? Not sure where you’re coming from. Image One’s, are not (active) noise cancelling and don’t use a battery. Still very nice.


Can these be worn under-chin? I have a huge afro and I’m searching for something that I don’t have to press over my hair.

Can I cover my ears with these headphones, but instead of over my head, under my chin?

I have big hair.

Freakin great headphones. Stylish, sound great, and perfect for isolating the sound to your ears only. If you’ve been holding out for a great pair of over ear headsets, these are the ones!

Bought these, sound only worked in one ear. Would not recommend.

Sounds defective, which will happen sometimes. Why not exchange them instead of condemning them.

I don’t think the on the ear or over the ear models would be good for running. The on the ear one’s don’t fit particularly tight and the noise cancelling over the ear model is pretty heavy. Not to mention sweat in the padding will get gross very quickly and possibly damage the electronics. However the sound quality is great. The Image ones are heavier on the bass, while the noise cancelling have a more balanced range. I have both the BT and wired image one models as well as the noise cancelling over the ear model. All have incredible sound. Personally I think they are better than the Beats, though the Beats Studio model is lighter than the Klipsch and I think more comfortable on the ear for extended use. I haven’t tried the Pyle BT headphones that Woot has all the time, but they look like the are designed for sport use. These are really good headphones but I don’t see them being very good for sport use.

I bought my husband a set of the noise canceling headphones for Christmas. He bought me a set of Sony noise canceling ones. His were much cheaper than my sony’s. While his might be really heavy, the sound is far superior. Now I am just trying to find out how to return the sony’s and buy this set without hurting his feelings.