Klipsch Headphones

I bought the Klipsch Noise Cancelling headphones back in August 2013… best money I ever spent. I travel internationally a lot and after having these, I don’t know how I ever flew without them. If you put in some ear plugs, put these headphones on, and turn on some music, there could be a crying baby in the seat next to you and you wouldn’t know it. The only downside is they seem to be built overly snug on the head. After a 10-hour flight, it can feel like you’ve had your head in a pair of vice grips. But I’m sure they weren’t designed to be worn for 10 hours at a time either. If you take them off every so often and give your head a chance to relax, these are a wonderful buy at this price.

I bought noise canceling Klipsch headphones from Woot in February of 2013 and they died about a month ago.

I have been waiting for a deal this good on these headphones for a while now! (although, I haven’t been checking very diligently, oopsie)These are my first higher end over ear headphones, and I cant wait to squish my ears between these bad boys!

I have had a bunch of noise cancelling headphones including the Bose QC series. While these don’t cancel quite as much noise as the QCs did these sound SO MUCH BETTER that it is a much better option for me. I wish there was a bluetooth option for them as well.

Another big plus is the long battery life too. Not to mention it is a standard battery and easy to find if you didn’t bring a spare. I’d say I get about 40 hours or more of listening per battery. I find myself wearing these even when I don’t need the noise cancelling (NC) aspect as well.

One thing to note, the controls don’t work with Android phones other than to just pause/play the current track. Better than nothing I guess.

I have had my pair for about 6 months with no issues. They took about a month to break-in and went from sounding very good to great. Good highs and solid bass without being overpowering. They also sound about the same with or without the NC turned on. Not like some others headsets I have that change a lot. This can be good or bad depending on your tastes. I like that they sound pretty much the same so I don’t have to tweak the EQ every time I turn the NC on.

1saleaday.com has these for 10 dollars less and free shipping today.

Good luck getting the in-ear headphones, order these back in December and after a few weeks i said ‘hey where’s my stuff?’ too which they replied ’ sorry here’s your money

Oh and i am still waiting for most of the stuff i ordered back in December- guess it is a discount site.

Good to know, thanks!

I never had any issue with 1saleaday. I ordered mine in December and arrived in a timely manner. I had an overseas flight and they worked great.

Last week my right earpiece broke. I tried contacting the manufacturer about the warranty. They are not responding to me. I will send more e-mails and see if I can get them on the phone but so far they are not on my list for trustworthy customer service.