Klipsch iGroove SXT iPod Speaker System

4 out of 5 star average on Amazon.com

The product page doesn’t specify any iPod limitation, citing that it works with “any” iPod, and charges with a 1A connection.

What about iPhones - anyone know I’d it’s compatible with the iPhone 5?

It’ll work if you have that stupid adapter.

Also, crank the Cage the Elephant!!

Will it work with an ipod touch 4th generation?

Yes, I have this (and love it). It works with my old iPod Touch 2nd, my kids iPod Touch’s 4th, and my iphone 4s. Quality is excellent.

Have had one of these for a couple years. Sound quality is very good and my kids use it all the time. Excellent price, rarely goes on sale.

I have owned one of these for about 3 years… Love it, I couldnt decide between this and the BOSE. This one sounds as good as or better than the Bose.
I paid 170 at Best Buy.

This is an EXCELLENT speaker for an iPod! The remote is handy too. I highly recommend.

I have also owned this for about three years now, and I also highly recommend it. I use it with my ipod touch (3rd generation) in my office, and it sounds great.

Note that its a very stripped down speaker system – no clock, no alarm, no bass or treble adjustment – just really good sound. The unit itself has 3 buttons; power, volume up and volume down. The remote allows you to control the volume as well as pause and skip tracks.

Does this work with an Iphone 5?

Does this speaker run on battery power or does it have to be plugged in to an outlet? Or maybe it is capable of both? If batteries, what kind?

The specs say it includes an ac adapter,so I would say both. I think I’m going to try one out.

I’m going to say just AC. No batteries

Yes you are correct, no batteries.

I am using mine now (took only one day to arrive!) and I like the sound. Pretty cool!

Plugged it in fired it up and Baboom, awesome sound, really. Down side is that it only works on AC power… bummer.