Klipsch Image E1 Earbuds

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Klipsch Image E1 Earbuds
$14.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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so-so reviews on amazon. good bit of one stars.


Hey Woot! Thanks for the very persuasive specs you posted!

Am I the only one who finds that the standard iDevice headphones just fall out of the ears? …or are my ears just shaped funny? The only in-ear headphones I can get to stay in their intended place is these plug types that fit snug and also help seal ambient noise, so for those reasons alone, these have my vote. Plus Klipsch generally makes good stuff.

I would, but I already own a bunch of earbuds, and all of them fall out of my ears.

a few good reviews over at newegg


Does this only come with the one size of ear tips?

[MOD: They come with 3 tips. We updated the Specs page.]

The reviews at Amazon with 3.5 out of 5 stars say they are OK, for this price I think they should be a great deal.

I can’t speak for the E1’s, but the Klipsch S3’s that I got my Nephew were the longest lasting earbuds he had every owned. Usually he would go through a set of buds in a month or two, even with more expensive ones. The Klipsch lasted him over 7 months before they stopped working, even then an email to Klipsch describing the problem and they honored their warranty - had a new pair in three days postage paid! Hes had the second set since last November and uses them every day, still working great.

I wouldn’t hesitate buying a couple of pairs, especially if you want a better than throwaway set of buds at a good price from a company you can trust to be around when you need the warranty service.

Standard iDevice headphones are earbuds and these are in-ear. Earbuds aren’t inserted into the ear canal. I like in-ears for the reasons you mentioned, plus better bass response.

The description is wrong. These aren’t earbuds…they’re in-ears. Earbuds fall out of my ears too, but most in-ears I’ve tried stay in pretty well. Comfort is hit or miss.

I think these are fine if you are static (sitting at your desk), but if you listen to music while mowing the lawn, I’d expect a slight tug on the cord to pull them out.

They usually come with a set of three different types of tips (the reviews at Amazon mention the E1’s have ‘an assortment of tips’), they fit in the ear pretty well. My nephew wears his all the time (too much actually), when hes in the car with me I often have to yank one out of his ear to get his attention, they don’t come out that easily.

Be careful you don’t pull his damn ear off.

My wife bought me these for X-mas, they’re okay… slip out of my ears a lot, have to really shove them in, and they sometimes create negative pressure on my ear drum… creating a sort of vacuum suction when I pull them out. As for the quality of the sound… meh, bass is alright… but then again… I think there is no such thing as an amazing ear bud, at least one to justify a $100 purchase (in general), no matter how much self described “audiophiles” claim that there is.

$20 is exactly how much these should have retailed for at release, not at End of Life. $50? Only if it made me eggs in the morning.

I LOVE these headphones! Klipsch is known for their good bass response and the E1’s pack a wallop in that department, which is awesome for running or biking (anything rhythmic). Their accuracy in the higher ranges is slightly compromised but overall very crisp audio, great for working out.

You can find extra tips for these headphones at Klipsch, or on Amazon. They have different sizes, I just linked to a couple.

MOD: Did I mess up a link on the last one or something?

A lot of the negative leaning Amazon reviews mention that the cable transfers a lot of noise if you’re moving around, so these might not be the best if you’re wanting to use them for running/cycling, etc.

These have the same earbuds as the S 3, and I wouldn’t recommend them. Unless you are not moving, the sound will shift ear to ear and require constant adjustment. I wore them twice.

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