Klipsch Image ONE Headphones

Image ONE review.

will this work with an ipad…in other words does it have only one 3.5 plug incompising both spkrs and mike…or does it use a separate plug for each???

Can this work with droids? I know my droid phones with control work with ipods.

From the review above:


The Klipsch Image ONE was built with Apple’s portable media players in mind, namely the iPod, iPad and iPhone. The following lists show which devices make use of the Image ONE’s features:

Remote & Mic
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPod Nano (4th and 5th Gen.)
iPod Classic (120GB)
iPod Touch (2nd Gen.)
Macbook, Macbook Pro and Mac Pro (2009 Models)

Remote Only
iPod Shuffle (3rd Gen.) – Requires latest iPod software

All iPod models

Mic & Call/Music Button – Not Volume Control
iPhone (1st Gen. & 3G)

Half price from the mothership and stellar reviews. This one’s a winner.


Note that if you want it in time for Christmas, you must choose


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I happened to listen to a pair of these @ local Best Buy. On sale for $99.99 ($50 off Retail). I really liked the sound for the $$. I think the cord is a bit flimsy though, but for a portable device they play very loudly which many headphones do not. Definitely built for portable device impedance.

Now…on a refurb headphone, what about the pads being 100% new vs. partially used???

There is one 3.5mm plug so this will work fine with iPads. I didn’t check specific models, but I assume the play/pause and volume controls work on all iPads.

You can use this with android phones, but the on-headphone volume controls will not work. You can still use the play/pause button to play/pause music and to answer and end calls. You will have to control the volume using your phone’s volume controls though.

how do these compare to Bose noise canceling?

These are NOT Noise Canceling, but they do a decent job of isolation. To me, Bose are overpriced and really have a “mushy” sound.

At high volumes, these can bleed out just wee bit (if that matters to you!).

They have very FIRM bass, not overly pushed like Beats, but a solid bass with great mids and highs as well.

Really a solid sounding headphone for the $$ IMHO.

I tested these today and am deciding $69 for refurb or $99 for new (w/ 2 year warranty) vs. 90 day on refurb…


Was down to $79.08 “new” on the mothership before.

I own a pair of these. They are my go to headphones. I have the Klipsch M40 headphones and the Klipsch X10’s. These are better than the M40’s but they are not noise cancelling. They do a good job of keeping sound out. I compared them to a friend’s Beats. We both agreed that the bass was still thumpy and had a clearer bass than the bass heavy Beats.
For the price, they are worth it. They are better than headphones twice the price.

I have the Reference Series version of these, and they work fine with my android. I have to adjust volume from the phone instead of the inline controls, but the headphones are awesome.

One pet peeve…why is Sony the only manufacturer that puts a full 90 degree connector on the plug? The straight plugs seem more vulnerable.

These were my favorite headphones I had until my dad vacuum’d up the cord and broke em.

Sound is incredible (for the money). I’d buy this one but its refurbished, and I’m way too germafobic to buy used headphones.

how important is noise canceling capability ?

Noise Cancelling is beneficial on a plane, train, loud car, or noisy environment. It allows you to hear the audio much clearer. Personally, I have both kinds and find myself happy with the Image One’s over my Klipsch Noise Cancelling headphones.

I used to own these before moving up to the Reference One’s because I wanted the extra bass. I would highly, highly, highly recommend these. As previous wooters have said the bass is extremely pronounced with significant thump while maintaining excellent clarity in the mids and the highs. Inner fidelity has a datasheet here:

It is of course Memento, as in a keepsake or reminder, not “Momento,” as in (I’m guessing) one of the lesser-known super heroes. That’s all I have to say.