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I’ve had these in white for a few years. The sound quality is very good, the buttons are easy to distinguish by touch, and they’re comfortable. The lack of a right-angled plug, however, makes the cord-plug interface less durable than the rest of it.

Great headphones. Probably one of the best under $100. The bass is full and warm without being overwhelming or distracting. Mids and highs are well-defined. I heard notes using these that were missing or muddled with my other headphones.

TONS of good reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at tigerdirect.com

I got the Rugged S4i, which is just a variant model of this one. The sound is very nice, and it’s very comfortable. I’ve been a long time Klipsch fan, and I would definitely recommend these!

I have these they are good also have the S2 which are hard to find and I like better. I got both off of E-bay brand new, for less than this.

I’ve been rocking my Bose in-ears since about '06 and they JUST died on me. They were my heart and soul. Shoot me straight, Woot. Do these things have that full, tight bass and crisp mids-highs that I’m used to? I know how Woot feels in general about Bose but those ear buds were my dream music blasters. Do these Klipsch ear buds compare?

Not saying yours are fakes but I have read a lot of stories of fake S4’s and S4i’s in eBay…

Be careful if you choose to go this route…

The market such as eBay is flooded with fake Klipsch S2 S4 S4i S4ii and the “sport” version of them.

The main difference between these and Bose buds is that they sound good. :slight_smile:

But seriously, I’ve had a pair of S4s (without the controls) for about 4 years now. Love 'em. They’re comfortable, sound excellent, and they block out noise extremely well. That’s vital where I work.

Are these going to introduce feedback when I go running rubbing on my shirt?

These ear-buds are absolutely phenomenal and a STEAL at $40. Great bass, good sound overall. They fit in my ears which was a first for every ear-bud I ever tried. I use them when doing yard work, running & working out.

They’re pretty sturdy. I did wear out the first pair I had within their warranty period (1 year) and they replaced them no problem. Two years later, I wore out the second pair, but they’ve changed the engineering on the cord connection at the ear-bud joint, which is were the first two pairs wore out.

I also use them to make phone calls on my iPhones. People usually have no issues hearing me.

The controller integrates with all of the apps I use it for- Pandora, Downcast (for podcasts) the built-in iOS Music app and phone calls. Double-tap the big button for the next song, triple-tap for previous. No issues with iOS 7 either.

I highly recommend these. I honestly can’t say that I’ve tried other high-end ear-buds…but once I tried these I had no need to. Even though I’m set with my current pair I’m considering buying a second as a spare. They’re that good.

Had my S4i’s for about two years now and I love them. When I bought them for $75 I thought I got a great deal at the time so for $40, that’s great. I’d consider getting another pair as a backup.

I don’t know if this is still like this but mine came in a little black pouch where I could hold all the different earpieces. The problem with it is that no matter how well you place them in the pouch, I always seem to find myself untangling them when I take them out.

Will wearing these make me look surly like the guy in the picture?

From the Amazon link—These are Apple-product specific, if you plug them into anything else, you get a great headphone, but no other functionality(vol., skip, phone answering).


These are the best sounding earphones I have ever used and the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE! at least the “Rugged” version which I purchased recently is. First of all the little controller for volume is waaaay too heavy and pulls down on the earpieces essentially pulling them out of the ears. I hope this regular version is designed differently because I’m about to practically give these 3 week old “rugged” headphones away on ebay. There is a reason why the manual tells you to wrap the cord around your ear if working out. Plus, I would not say that any of the included bud sizes actually fit well either. It was like Xmas morning when these arrived and am thoroughly disappointed in the fit and design despite the phenomenal sound!

I have had mine for over a year now and there is a Klipsch app for Android that gives you some button functions back. I also got some of the TX400 from here
http://www.complyfoam.com/isolation-plus-tx-series/ and these are the best sounding and most comfortable headphones I have.

Yes, I had these and found this to be a huge problem. If the cord rubs on anything, or even bounces while you run, you will hear it. It’s one of the big reasons I prefer traditonal headphones.

To be fair, this may be the case for all in-ear style earbuds. And with all the positive reviews, maybe not everyone experiences this?