Klipsch In Ear Headphones

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Klipsch In Ear Headphones
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Check out the product page for the R6 model

“In-ear Headphones” sounds an awful lot like a convoluted way of saying “Earbuds”.

Or, maybe just call them “The torture that keeps on giving”. These things always start to hurt after 2 minutes (or less), but no songs I like are only 2 minutes…oh the humanity!

Quite different actually.

IEM’s or IEH’s (In Ear Monitors/Headphones) usually contour more in your ear, they fit inside the ear canal and don’t sit outside, they are softer, and more form fitting. They also block out a lot of outside sound and have a more secure fit in your ear without the pain and torture of ear buds.

Apple earpods and the old 90’s ear buds… the plastic disk shaped things that just kind of set in the front of your ears… those things are ear buds. Blech. Even the newer style apple earpods I wouldn’t say are much better than earbuds. Hard, plastic that are not form fitting and hurt your ears after a while.

Also, Klipsch makes excellent products with excellent sound quality.

Just wonder whether there is any (manufacturer) warranty for this headphone. I purchased S4i from before - those were new and was covered by full warranty. I was very pleased with my previous purchase as the warranty support was excellent.

How long is the cable on these earbuds? I can’t find that information anywhere.

Does the factory recondition the ear wax off of these things? Not sure I want to stick something in my ear that was already jammed into someone else’s.

The cable at the 1/8" headphone plug end is extremely weak on these headphones. I went through three of these in three months (warranty replacement each time). Granted, I work in a lab and generally have my headphones plugged into my phone in my pocket for several hours a day, but this is an unacceptable failure rate to me. In each case one channel went out and I knew it was at the plug end because if I moved the cable there I could make the channel come in and out. I know keeping my phone in my pocket puts some stress on the cable, but I have not had these problems with other headphones (my current ones have been going strong for 6 months.)

A pretty good analysis of the sound quality.


Hi there. We list warranties at the bottom of the features. These have a 90-day Klipsch warranty.

They’re not at all like ear buds. Ear buds are the HUGE monstrosities that Apple used to sell with their iPods. Many people (like me!) have no antitragus on their outer ear, so those buds are useless. In-ear headphones go into the ear canal. I have no problem wearing them for hours without discomfort.

Congratulations on learning something today!

Also, I refuse to buy another pair of headphones with inline volume controls; that’s invariably where failure occurs.

They about 3’ long. :slight_smile:

is anyone else a little grossed out by in ear headphones that are refurbed??

All that waxxxxxxxxxx

Here are some other reviews that are much more positive about the sound quality than Cnet:




Unfortunately, more than one reviewer has identified cable noise as a problem.

flat cords will do that


I’ve got an earlier model of Klipsch’s in-ear phones. I love them so much I bought three on this sale. I’m sitting pretty with very good quality sound for the next decade or so.

I’m a very light sleeper, and the slightest noise can wake me up (furnace or air condidtioner turning on). These things are so comfortable and so good at sealing out noise, that I routinely sleep with them in.


I received my headphones from this purchase, but it was missing the carrying case mentioned as “included accessories” and 2 out of the 4 different size ear tips! So BUYER BEWARE, with anything that says “no frills”, you may or may not get the accessories that are specifically mentioned on the product page! Woot has really gone down hill since being acquired by Amazon.

I even emailed customer service, and all they could do was give me a refund, which I did not want. What I wanted was all of the product that I ordered!