Klipsch Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Pair)

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Klipsch Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Pair)
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I live in CT and am interested in speakers for my deck area, can these withstand (really) bad weather? Snow and ice in the winter? Do you bring them inside for the winter?

Thanks! I was wondering new/refurb.

[MOD: They’re New. Buy 3!]

Did anyone reply? Need to know this too where we live.

these are $150 on amazon with free shipping. c’mon woot, you can do better than that!

[MOD: Not seeing it.]

Say whaaaaaaaaaa? They’re $249.

yeah, you cant just take the first listing that pops up from the amazon link above and ASSUME it’s the same model number.

p.s. it’s actually listed 3rd.

Here is a link to the manual. It has a lot of great details and installation suggestions.


Wow, even painting instructions in case you don’t want 'em white

hang them under an eve or some other kind of cover and you will be fine.

I live in Houston and am interested in speakers for my deck area, can these withstand (really) bad weather? Heat, humidity, and rain-from-hell in the summer? Do you bring them inside for the summer?

Does anyone know how well these would integrate into an existing home theater setup as rear channel speakers?

Somebody does, but not with the information you’ve provided.

Ideally, your listening room’s speakers should be matched – that is, a given signal will be played with comparable volume and tone. This depends on the speakers you have now, your room dimensions, the furnishings, the speaker placement (for instance, it’s a common error to think of speakers 4 & 5 as “rear” speakers, but in the 5.1 spec, they are the surround, or side speakers), and what kind of equalization you’re using (if any).

At the least, setting up a good listening experience suggests that you should purchase speakers from the same manufacturer. Best results come from purchasing speakers from the same family, designed to work together, so that the treble sounds the same from one to the next, the internal crossovers are compatible, etc.

Best of luck.

It’s currently a 2.1 with Klipsch Reference RB-41 IIs and a Dayton Audio Sub-1200 but I really just meant in general. While I trust the Klipsch brand, the “outdoor loudspeaker” label on this seemed like a red flag for “may not play well with other speakers.”