Klipsch K106328 The One Heritage Speaker

Klipsch K106328 The One Heritage Speaker

Anyone know if this will pair with the RSB-8??

The RSB-8 is a sound bar… what do you mean by “pair” with the sound bar? This is a sand alone self powered speaker, I’m not sure in what manner you’d use it with a sound bar.

It is a sound bar that has the ability to use bluetooth speakers to pair as surround speakers. I see references to RW-1 and The Three as options. Since this is The One in the same line as The Three I wondered if it was also compatible.

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I think you’re mistaken.

The sound bar you list has the capability of connecting to the Klipsch app which would distribute audio via other Klipsch wireless devices, like in a whole home audio system. For example the sound bar in the living room and a Klipsch The Three in the kitchen.

They use a wireless connection, not bluetooth for that. This Klipsch The One has no wireless connectivity.

There isn’t a way to pair wireless surround speakers with the sound bar you have.

The rsb 8 does allow surround additions according to klipsch.com.

The firmware updates mention The Threes.

Ah, I see now. It appears you would need their wireless RW1 speaker which is no longer in production.

Regardless, The One speaker listed here is not wireless and wouldn’t work.