Klipsch KMC Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Nor are they stationery…

See, it’s a play on words. They’re not statio… nevermind.

Anyone try the KMC 1 or 3? It’s a little above my budget but may go for the 3 if someone else has one and likes it?

I’ve tried out the KMC 3. It’s big. Like, almost 8 lbs big. However, it’s really loud too so the size is justified in my opinion.

My biggest gripe is definitely that it runs on 8 D batteries instead of a rechargeable one.

If you can get over the size and lack of rechargeable battery, it’s a great speaker. It sounds great and it’s loud and you can kinda lug it around with you.

How does it sound compared to the Bose SoundLink?