Klipsch KMC Portable Bluetooth Speakers

How can these possibly be worth this much money? I got a westinghouse bluetooth speaker for 30 bucks on Woot this week. (Second one I’ve bought, it was a steal at 30 and it KICKs out the sound). This pricing blows my mind.

my friend got one of these last time and I heard it the other day. Kicks out like a Bose does. Sounds awesome and cheaper than the Bose.

Bose are overpriced over-hyped paper and cardboard speakers.

Bose does one thing very well and that is advertise.

Klipsch actually makes quality speakers but even for what they make IMO they overcharge.

Somehow I’ve become a Bose supporter. I bought a bem speaker from Woot for maybe 40 odd bucks. It’s not a bad little thing, but over time you realize you can’t listen long term to music too it, Not really. I researched obsessively better bluetooth speakers. The $199 Bose Soundlink Mini is a really good product and fairly priced for the money. I would disagree about some of their products, but the Soundlink Mini is really solid. I think with these speakers you really need to listen to them. What sounds good to one person does not sound good to the other. That said, I have a lot of respect for Klipsch, and I almost want to buy one just for the heck of having it. Almost…

I bought one of the 3s last time they were on sale and have gotten some good use out of it so far. My impressions have been mostly positive. My unit came looking flawless and was packed with stickers and such that indicated it was an unused demo model for a store. At first I was a tad let down by the sound staging because from a few feet away off to the sides it sounded slightly narrow. I will admit I was being very deserning given the cost of the unit. In real world applications I have forgotten about the soundstaging completely and have gotten a huge number of complements on how nice the unit sounds, especially on battery. The thing is crystal clear and slightly low end oriented but stays distortion free to EXTREMELY LOUD volumes. It blows my other inexpensive portable speakers out of the water in all regards when it comes to sound quality, no contest. Overall, would I pay 400 dollars for this unit? Meh. I dunno. However, at $230 I am very happy with it.

High marks for the KMC 3. Have Jawbones, Bose SD 2 and this is by far the better box. Had this from the first sale a month ago and couldn’t be happier with it. Price/value at $230 is great. Looked brand new out of the box, even had that new speaker smell…

You’d be surprised, bluetooth speakers go for ALOT more than this.

After reading the comments I was this close (holding finger and thumb about an inch apart) to pulling the trigger. But… no AC power is a deal breaker. I don’t want to buy 8 D batteries every time I want to break this out. Even rechargables would mean I have to make sure they’re charged up before I want to use it. I’m a “spur of the moment” kinda guy, don’t want to have to put that much thought into listing to some tunes out on the deck. Can anyone recommend a good unit like the 3 that has AC power option? Thanks!

Can’t speak to the KMC1 but the KMC3 does have AC power plus the battery option.

who sez the westinghouse is even worth 30 bux? I listen to my stuff thru my AM trasistor radio and can’t imagine the westinghouse (let alone this klipsh) sounding any better than that, it is just impossible.

I got the KMC-3 the first time they were offered and it was worth every penny… the sound is AMAZING. It came in a normal Klipsch box looking brand new except for a refurb sticker on the box.

The only drawback is the D batteries. I bought some batteries for it but have found myself just lugging the AC adapter around with it around my house so I dont waste the batteries for when I really need them. :confused:

For this reason I’m buying either another KMC-3 or the smaller KMC-1 so I can have one for my kitchen and one for my bedroom/bathroom. truthfully the KMC-3 is too much speaker for my bedroom though. The thing is a beast that THUMPS, so the KMC-1 is probably more suitable for my purposes.

If you pop for the KMC1, let us know how they compare. Or anyone who has the 1, curious about how it compares to the 3 if you can contrast…THx

I was this close to pulling trigger on the Bose Soundlink, since it is an uncharacteristically fantastic device, despite the Bose name. Any idea on how the Klipsch compares?

Sure, you could put that speaker down before playing music… or you could be LL Cool J. Always be LL Cool J.