Klipsch KMC Portable Bluetooth Speakers



seems kind of expensive


I bought the KMC3 the last time it was on here and it has worked out really well. If you’re interested in a fairly powerful and somewhat portable bluetooth speaker, it’s a good price compared to what it costs in stores and online. The KMC1 would actually make more sense in terms of portability, but I wanted the additional volume threshold.


I have ordered this speaker a week and half ago with another speaker. I have received the other one but this one has not arrived. Customer service says it was sent from another place and there is no tracking. Should I be concerned?


One shipped from the Amazon warehouse (our inventory) and we all know they ship speedy quick.

The other is shipping directly from the vendor and ships a bit slower. The holiday has slowed things down a bit. If you don’t see tracking by Tuesday, email CS again.


Amazon? Is WOOT Amazon?


We are owned by Amazon (independent subsidiary) but we do our own buying, inventory, etc. We use Amazon warehouses just like many 3rd party retailers do. We have our inventory sent there and they do the $tocking and $hipping.