Klipsch KMC Portable Bluetooth Speakers

This is the third time Woot has offered these products. I picked up the KMC 3 before Christmas and can’t emphasize enough how impressed I am with this product! If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker, I highly recommend the KMC line. This price can’t be beat!

If you want something portable to carry with you, get the KMC 1.

If you want a speaker to stay in place, like in an office, get the KMC 3.

I have to agree, the KM3 I got on Woot is amazing. No regrets

I agree, as I got (2)-KMC-3’s and 1 KMC-1 at 2 differen’t sales, the 3’s are really amazing, loud, sound great, low’s-high’s etc. Only regret is I paid $20 more for them…Well worth it though! get one!

How do these compare to the Bose Soundlink Color?

This model.

I would say that, the KMC 1 and the JBL Flip are all pretty similar. Just depends on what one is most visually appealing to you.

The KMC 3 is much bigger and heavier than those three models in my previous paragraph. It is an amazing speaker, but I would not recommend it if you’re looking for something to carry around with you.

I’m between the KMC 1 and Bose Soundlink at this point. I want one that is portable. I’m assuming the KMC 1 would be better because it’s base price is much higher than the Bose Soundlink, but I’ve actually listened to the Bose Soundlink and it sounds great.

I’m not an electronic expert and have a tin ear, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyways.

This doesn’t tell me much.

I think you accidentally deleted a paragraph. You didn’t mention the Bose Soundlink Color.